Gary Brown’s Taxidermy One Of The Best

bear rug 005bear rug 007bear rug 010Gary Brown has been doing my taxidermy work for many years.  In fact he has done work for most of my brothers, and especially brother Darryl.  He called me the other day to say my bear rug was done, and i went and picked it up this evening. Once again Gary did a great job, and I didn’t have to wait several years to get my trophy back.

Five years ago I made the mistake of taking my largest turkey to a taxidermist that has done quite a few mounts for the Ansel’s. I still have not received my longbeard, and I get the “run around” every time I call or stop by.  It is really important, for a sportsman, to find a reputable taxidermist who will stand behind his work.  Taxidermy is an art, and that should show in the work performed by the artist (taxidermist.)

So far this year Gary has done deer, turkey, bobcat, and a bear for the Ansel men.  He told me tonight that he likes getting into the pockets of the Ansel’s!  Little does he know I had to “float” a loan in order to pick my bear up.  Taxidermy is not cheap by any means.  You get what you pay for, and we are all quite happy with the artistry of Gary Brown

This is the bear I shot last fall when I almost took my thumb of with my crossbow.  The deer (European mount) was a split G-2 eleven pointer that I shot two years ago.  As you can see I’m running out of wall space in my “man cave!”

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