Morel’s are Rising

Birthday mushrooms 009

The mushroom season has just kicked into high gear, and it’s not called “mushroom hunting” for nothing. You really do have to hunt for these delicious little fungus. Last weekeng I looked hi and low for some of those white morels while zig-zagging back and forth through the woods around my deer camp. I checked fench rows, downed trees, moist sandy areas, and every rotted tree stump in my woods. I found narry a one!  It must be to early for the north woods, as last year I found many blacks and a few whites around my cabin.

Every mushroom hunter I’ve talked to reported finding quite a few these past few days. Whats up with me? I must be a “bad” mushroom hunter!  I’ve been bummed out about it, as I was looking forward to frying up a batch of morels with maybe a little venison steak and onions.  Yesterday I was cutting the grass back home in Monroe and low and behold my wife found two nice mushroom in our yard!

Then last evening we visited my daughter and son-in-laws place south of here.  He said he had a surprise for me, and handed me a bag of morel mushrooms.  The best spring gift a guy could ask for.  He had found about 80 of them right on his 6 acres and was willing to share them with me.  He had already cooked up two batches for himself, and gave me the 20 he still had left.  What a guy!  I plan on frying them up tonight with a venison steak and baked potatoe.  My mouth is already watering for what awaits me in just a few short hours.  Bon-a-petite!


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