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The Turkey Woods 2015

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

????trail cam by cabin 009

After a week’s absence from writing this blog I’ll be kind of surprised if I have any “readers” left!  The 5 days I spent getting up at 5 every morning did not turn out as planned, but I still had some memorable times in the turkey woods.

For the first time in over 35 years of hunting turkeys I never heard a Tom gobble!  They were around, but totally unresponsive to “calling.”  The only bird I actually saw while hunting would not cross the fence between him and my position.  For 20 minutes I watched him walk back and forth along that barrier.  He wanted to come investigate my “yelps”, but the fence was his salvation, and my undoing!  I actually “low crawled” about 30 yards to try to get closer, but he was still 70 yards away.  At 68 years old I do not recommend a legitimate “Army” low crawl!  My joints (especially my hips) have been killing me, and my body begs me to never try that again.

Several days I hunted my own property and the surrounding Federal land.  Twice I had “Gobblers” show up on my trail camera at times when I was else where.  I actually filmed a hen on two separate occasions as she became the ultimate “live” decoy.  But there were no takers this time in the “turkey woods!”  I have a few more days on my permit, so just maybe I can still get one to “talk” to me.

The neighbor kid (Sean) shot a really nice bird opening day just a few hundred yards from my place, but he told me that his Tom didn’t “gobble” either.  For whatever reason they shut up and shut me out!  Maybe turkeys aren’t as dumb as some people say they are!  They sure got the best of me this year.