Venison Topped With Fresh Morel’s! How Good Is That?

mushrooms 001Birds, party, Dick B 014What a great year for those that love to eat morel mushrooms.  Usually I have to hunt high and low to find enough for a couple of meals.  Not this year, as they seem to be finding me.  Several nice big “sponges” have been found while I’ve been mowing my lawn.  Never had that happen before.

My son-in-law has a few secret spots that have been producing well. and he has been sharing his bounty with me.  There aren’t to many guys that will give away these delicate morsels!

I put some venison tenderloins on the grill smothered with green peppers and onions, just the other day.  Right alongside them There were some freshly picked mushrooms sprinkled with salt and pepper and a tablespoon of butter.  Man it doesn’t get much better than that!  Natures bounty, cooked by your own hands, while it’s still hot, and fresh off the grill-wow!  You can’t buy a meal like that.

We have found only the white morels, but last year I found about 70 of the black morels around my place up north.  I’ve been thinking about taking a run up there so we can do some “picking and grinning” before the mushroom season draws to a close.


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