Black Bear Prelude!

WGI_0003Just 8 more days and my friend Bob Baltrip and I will be heading to the Upper Peninsula for Bob’s bear hunt.  We’re taking our wives this year which has never happened before.  Bear camp isn’t what it used to be, so I think these lovely ladies will be alright.  A few years ago Gary, Gregg, Dick, and the rest of the Baldwin crew put up a bear camp that was wife friendly.  It’s completely off grid, but with hot and cold water, heat, phone service, and a large screen t.v., plus a full gourmet kitchen they may not want to come home.

Oh did I mention that a large bear is hitting one of our bait’s?  We have a few pictures from a trail camera and he even came it at noon one day.  That is quite unusual in itself!  I don’t know about Bob, but I am pumped, even if I don’t have the permit.  We just hope he will continue with his appetite at our “local diner!”  Stay tuned for further updates to our quest for a Michigan black bear.


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