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Three Days Left In Deer Season So There Is Still Hope For Me!

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

IMG_2166For the sixth time this long deer season I am heading to the cabin for one last try at some venison in the freezer.  We got somewhere between 5-8 inches of snow around my place and that should help!  Winter storm Goliath dumped that yesterday and it is supposed to continue to have period of snow for the next couple days.

Just my wife and I are heading north, while the kids (grown adults) stay here.  We will miss the New Years get-to-gather for the first time in “forever!”

The two deer I shot last year were under similar circumstances, as it was in late December with a ton of snow on the ground.  I’m not far from a cedar swamp and the deer tend to move there in rough weather.  I have a ground blind set up in the middle of the swamp, if I can negotiate my way to it!  My 4-wheelers will only go through snow “so” deep!  Got one stuck 2 years ago and had to get the neighbors tractor to get it out for me.  Sure don’t want to do that again!

It has been ages since I went a deer season without filling my tag, and time is clicking away.  Hopefully this little twist in the weather will be just what I need for venison back straps this year.  With three days of season left there is always hope!


Mike Lahman Downs The Perfect 8 Pointer

Sunday, December 27th, 2015

20151119_110311-1For all the whining I have done about seeing no deer this year, my family, and extended family has been doing just fine.  I may need to change hunting spots!

The picture is of my cousin Mike Lahman and his almost perfect 8 pointer!  If I was to put in an order for an 8 pointer to hang on my wall this would fill the bill.  It’s got mass, beam length, and even tall tines.  Do you believe the length of those “brow tines?” There almost as tall as Mike (he’s about 6 ft. 5″ tall!  What a nice looking buck!

I’m pretty good at estimating what a deer will score, and Mike has an upper 130’s or 140 8 point here.  Trust me it’s on the upper end of Michigan 8 pointers.

I don’t know a heck of a lot about the circumstances surrounding the downing of this deer, but the smile on Mike’s face and those horns he’s holding say a lot for themselves.  Congratulations cousin Mike (his mother was an Ansel!)



Third Generation Deer Knowledge Equals Huge Bucks For A 16 Year Old!

Saturday, December 26th, 2015

IMG_3229Most deer hunters will hunt a lifetime and never shoot a truly trophy class buck.  Usually if you should be so fortunate enough to put a wall hanger in your man cave it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

So with that thought in mind I wanted my readers to feast their eyes on two bucks my nephew Tristan Ansel took in 2013 and this year (2015.)  Mind you Tristan is just 16 years old!  He does have an advantage over most of us though, as his grandpa (Darryl Ansel) and father (Derek Ansel) are two of the most “die hard” hunters in Michigan.  Grandpa Darryl has been honing his skills for about 57 years, and son Derek learned from the master.  Their deer hunting knowledge has been passed on quite well thank you, and the end result is a couple of bucks that they may never beat!

Tristan’s huge 8 pointer has it all going for it with a wide spread, long beams, and good tine length.  The buck he shot this year is a true monster, that grandpa helped guide him to.  His dad Derek was able to have a friend of his mount the buck in time to put it under the Christmas tree.  Derek is one of the managers at the Dundee Cabelas’s store, and has no problem with having friends in the outdoor world.  Tristan’s 2015 twelve pointer has 7 points on one side and 5 on the other with split G-2’s.  It has mass, length, and width which add up to a rack in the 150’s!

So feast your eyes on two beautiful Michigan bucks shot by one of the nicest kids you’ll ever meet, Tristan Ansel.

Barnett Plus Ten Point Minus Excalibur Equals “No Deer!”

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

FullSizeRender (81)I just returned home from another quest to put some meat in the freezer.  This has truly been the worst deer season on record, at least for me!

After making the 3-1/2 hour drive to my place I started the unpacking the car process.  When it came to taking my crossbow out of the car I realized I grabbed the wrong crossbow (Barnett.)  I did not have the cocking rope for that bow, so it was useless.  My daughters boyfriend had left his ten point crossbow at the cabin so I figured I could use that.  It has a Acu-Draw cocking system on it which I had to figure out before taking any practice shots.  It turned out to be dead on at 25 yards, which suited me just fine.

First evening out I saw nothing.  Second evening out I saw a flock of turkeys but no deer.  Then the third evening it finally happened!  After sitting for a total of 15 days in my stand I had a big doe before me.  It was about 35-40 yards away and not going to get any closer.  Slam dunk right?  I put the 30 yard pin a tad high and squeezed the trigger.  The bolt flew harmlessly over the deer’s back, as it sprang to parts unknown. Unbelievable!  I make that shot 99 times out of a 100 with my Excalibur, but it’s home alone!  To make matters worst I went to cock the 10 point again and broke the cocking mechanism!  At that point I’m done, down, disgusted!  So I packed up to leave at first light, and as I was loading the car guess what walked through my yard? No it wasn’t Bigfoot, but a nice sized deer taunting me, as I left in the fog filled dawn.

I still have hope as there are a few days after Christmas that I can hunt, and the late season doe hunt is in effect to the end of the year.  You can bet I put the right crossbow in my car on that trip!


2015 Michigan New record Bow Buck

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

IMG_2755Have you heard about the new Michigan state record bow killed buck taken near Milford?  Well i’m here to tell you it is a beauty.  Robert Sopsich is the “blessed” hunter who downed the magnificent 12 pointer.  The buck scored an amazing 182 and 1/8th Boone and Crockett to beat out Mitch Rompola’s buck by a mere 1/4 inch.  Mitch took his buck in 1985 in Grand Traverse County while Sopsich buck was taken in Oakland County.  Both bucks were 12 pointers!

Besides the new state record buck Roberts brother Donny shot a 130 class 10 pointer and a really nice 8 pointer.  Donny’s girlfriend also arrowed a nice 10 pointer. They were hunting private family property.  Directions to the area not included!


DNR Reports Deer Kill Up In Lower Peninsula?

Sunday, December 13th, 2015

IMG_2410.JPGAs expected the deer kill in the Upper peninsula was down almost 20 per cent.  The doe season was virtually closed down, which accounts for most of the 20%!  According to the figures from the deer check stations there was an increase in older bucks (3-1/2 to 4-1/2 years old) registered.  The main reason for that is the last two winters were brutal, and many of those younger bucks didn’t make it.  So far we have enjoyed a wonderful “Spring” this Winter!  Our unseasonable weather should be a huge blessing to the herd this year.

It has also been reported that deer harvest numbers are up in the lower, especially the southern lower part of the state.  My experience has been that it was spotty at best!  I hunted for 14 days of bow season and gun and saw a total of 3 deer.  Two were yearlings and one was a doe.  We had four hunters in our party on opening day of gun season and none of us saw a deer!  I hunt the Mio/Luzerne are which is one of the traditional “hot spots” for hunters.  Reports from several friends of mine, that hunt the same general area,  are no different than my own.  No deer!  These are seasoned hunters that spend their time in the woods, and know the ways of the whitetail.

I have a brother Darryl that is the Daniel Boone of Michigan Hunters.  Just a few days ago he had to take a doe, with his muzzleloader in order to put some meat in the freezer.  He hunts the Southern woodlots of Branch County and said they were not seeing the amount of deer they have seen in the past.  This guy hunts from dawn to dusk and puts in 50-60 days of hunting every year.  He knows what he’s talking about.

We are thinking along the lines of there being certain “pockets” of deer.  Numbers high in some areas and low in others. Everyone knows that the deer in the 5 county T.B. area have been hunted to almost extinction.  Unfortunately that’s the county I hunt in.  That may change for next year as I’m looking for a lease in the southern zone.

So from my experience I don’t see the deer herd through the rose colored eyes of the DNR!  What’s your thoughts on this issue?


The Anti-Hunters Will Have “Nun” Of It!

Friday, December 11th, 2015

Pennsylvania Nun Shoots 10-Point Buck

pa nunFrom A photo on the Erie Catholic Diocese’s Facebook page is attracting a lot of attention. It’s been viewed more than a million times. Sister John Paul Bauer, a teacher at Elk County Catholic High School in St. Mary’s, PA shot the 10-point buck.

Sister John Paul says she’s amazed at the attention she’s gotten.

“In St. Marys, this is what you do. You go hunting. Everybody goes hunting — the coach, myself, the students,” Bauer said.

As the story goes, Sister John Paul prayed the Rosary as she waited in her tree stand. About 3 hours later, some does appeared, followed by 2 bucks. Sister John Paul shot the larger one, a 10-pointer.

Blue collar, white collar, men, women, old, young and now a nun…The diversity of people who share our deer-hunting obsession never ceases to amaze me.

The problem is that the anti hunting establishment got a hold of the Facebook posting and started lambasting Sister John Paul Bauer, and the Catholic diocese Facebook page.  Someone caved in and took the posting off the page and apologized if it offended people.  What a bunch of “crap!” Again we have the political correct crowd dictating to the rest of us what is accepted and what is not.  The P.C. police are alive and well.  I wish the Diocese had not given in to the rantings of the anti’s!  What do you think?


Another Violation By A Celebrity Hunter!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Big Buck Review

Friday, December 4th, 2015

Sit back and enjoy!2014111695142119 (1)IMG_2316IMG_2307IMG_2195IMG_1857IMG_2282IMG_2281IMG_5001Chris Evenhouse Buck 003Valerie Hansen's big buck 004Monster Bucks 016Monster Bucks 018Ohio Big Bucks 2014 006

Upper Peninsula Deer Season Results!

Friday, December 4th, 2015