Alec Hill Shoot’s 4 Bearded Tom Turkey

IMG_4089 (2)IMG_7523IMG_4086These are the kind of stories I love to share with my readers.  My grandson Keegan McNamara has a good friend (Alec Hill) who just scored on the trophy of a lifetime, as far as turkey hunting goes!

Alec is only 15 years old, but already has 3 big Tom’s under his turkey hunting belt.  Of course much of the credit has to go to his dad Scott, who has shared his love for the hunt with his boys.  Alec’s younger brother Tyler also has scored on three (3) birds at the tender age of 12.  Many hunters go for years without putting a bird in the freezer, and the Michigan average is one out of three hunters tag’s a Tom!  Scott your boys have the average blown away!

Yesterday late afternoon Alec and his dad arrived at there chosen hunting grounds around 5 o’clock.  It took them awhile to get to where Scott wanted to set up, and when they did things started fast.  As soon as Scott gave with a few yelps and cackles several gobblers responded.  The birds were over a hill and down in a ravine, so they couldn’t be seen, but they were making a racket, and one of them was on a “rope” coming into Scott’s lovesick hen talk!  When he crested the hill Alec saw his bright red head, and knew this bird was his when he got in range.  Thirty yards was close enough for Alec’s Remington 12 guage, and he put the “smack down” on this old Tom looking for love. (In all the wrong places I might add!)

What Alec and Scott didn’t know is this bird had multiple beards (4) which is quite unusual, and a highly prized trophy for turkey hunters.  The four beards totaled close to 20 inches, which would make it a certain contender for the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan record book.  Commemorative Bucks also keeps records of bear, elk, and turkeys.

I’m posting some picture of this trophy Tom that Alec sent me, as I drool over getting a bird like this in my sights! Congratulations young man, and to you also Scott for training your kids in the ways of the “turkey woods!”


One Response to “Alec Hill Shoot’s 4 Bearded Tom Turkey”

  1. Scott(dad) says:

    Thanks Mike…… There isn’t many other places I would rather be than turkey hunting with kids. I get more satisfaction out of watching my kids put a longbeard down. It’s got to be some of the best memories a kid can have.