Fall Bird In The Freezer!

img_7003Fall turkey hunting is totally different than the spring hunt when the lovesick Tom’s are looking for romance.  In the fall bagging a bird has a lot to do with being in the right place at the right time.  You can pretty much forget about calling them, and many counties have no fall turkey hunting at all.  I think most guys that bag a fall bird do so while trying to put venison in the freezer.  Both Tom’s and hens are legal in the fall, but that does’t make bagging one any easier.

I have been pretty fortunate in the past hunting in the southern counties of Hillsdale and the surrounding area, and also a private spot mid-state.  This past Spring my grand-daughter Ava and my daughters fiance (Dave) both shot nice Tom’s, but I was blanked for the spring hunt.  It wasn’t for lack of trying, as I spent more days afield trying to put a turkey on the ground than any year I can remember.

Well sometimes it is much better to be lucky than good.  This year I had three Tom’s prance by me at 20 yards, and they were all “shooters!” I know a rear end shot doesn’t seem like the best to take, but it sure worked well for me.  When the largest Tom cleared his two buddies I released the string.  The rage broadhead did the rest.  The big bird dropped on the spot and Thanksgiving dinner was about to be in the freezer.  No venison yet, but I’m working on that!  It’s still a long way to Jan. 1st, so I’m hoping Mr. Luck sticks around for a few more hunts!

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