Grandpa’s And Grandson’s-The Hunting Bond

img_6867img_6853img_6873This past weekend I was able to get my grandson Kyle Pafford out of school on Friday so we could have a three day weekend at the cabin!  The plan was about as simple as it gets!  1. Go to stand!  2. See deer!  3. Shoot deer!  4. Track deer!  5 Enjoy venison!  I just love it when a plan comes together.  In our case four out of five isn’t bad, or is it?

Anyway the first evening out we saw nothing but some pesky, noisy, squirrels.  Kyle was using my Excalibur crossbow shooting 370 feet per second.  Much faster than my old Barnett that he used to take his first two deer.  That’s right Kyle is just 11 years old and already going after his third deer.  I was 28 years old before I downed my first “stick and string” deer!

We were hunting over a food plot that had not been getting the attention I thought it would.  The deer in my area don’t have any acorns as it’s almost 100 percent pines and softwoods.  You would think some rye and brassica would be a real treat for them.

Evening number two (our last evening) started out much the same as the first evening.  We were in the blind at 4:30 and then at 6:15 a nice doe seemed to come out of nowhere.  She was walking broadside, but was in Kyle’s blindspot.  I told him to get in position and be ready if she gave him a decent shot.  She started feeding but in a “head on” position.  For 10 minutes she did not move, and Kyle was getting a little discouraged!  We were on the third part of our plan “shoot deer,” and she gave Kyle a slightly quartering toward us shot.  He was using the 30 yard pin on the scope, and I told him to squeeze slowly and aim for the crease behind the front leg.  Whump!  Boy that bow made a lot of noise!  The deer bolted but we both knew it was hit pretty good.

I didn’t think she would go very far, but picking up a good blood trail was not to be!  Kyle’s young eyesight kept us in the ballpark, as he picked up one speck here and one there.  I now surmise it was probably a bit back to far and recovery wasn’t going to be handed to us on a silver platter.  We tracked her for about 100 yards, and I made the call to back off and come look in the morning.

At 8;30 we were back on the trail where we marked it the night before.  Kyle’s dad Glen was helping us today!  Again the blood was sparse until we came to a spot she had stood still.  Good blood there, but it soon fizzled out again.  I decided to walk ahead and look for a white underbelly.  I accidently came across some good blood and saw her white belly piled against a tree. Something was out of place though, and as I got closer I could see the coyotes had beaten us to the kill!  How sad, as the whole right side of the deer had been devoured overnight.  The front quarter was all that was salvageable!  We rolled her over and were able to get some good pictures, but the “yotes” only left us a roast and 2 steaks!

So we completed 4 out of the 5 steps in our plan, but number five went to them darn coyotes!  I may have to break out the 223 this winter and see if I can even the score with these varmints!  Three for three Kyle.  Not bad grandson, not bad!


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