Northern Exposure!

img_6819big-tomimg_6782img_6765My wife and I and two close friends (Bob and Linda Baltrip) just returned from almost a week at out place in Luzerne.  The fall colors are almost in “peak” form, and the 4 maples around our cabin are “showing off” just a little.  We were able to see quite a bit of northern Michigan as my brother Randy ended up at Mclaren Hospital in Petoskey.  He was having some chest pain and had a stint put in one artery and was released the same day.  Amazing what the medical field is able to do, now-a-days to “fix” people up, and send them on their way.  Thank you Warren Petoskey for seeing my brother, and for your prayers.  Imagine being up north at your deer camp, and you end up in Petoskey, and a descendant of Chief Petoskey visits and prays for you! That is memorable moment for sure!  The hills, valleys, and maple woods all over the Northern part of Michigan are worth the drive to view their spender.  Just try not to end up viewing the sites from a hospital window!

I also worked on plumbing with my pal Bob, and just about have it buttoned up.  Should be done within the next two trips to the cabin.  Bob and i were able to squeeze in one evening in the deer blind.  I saw a yearling and a large doe, but felt it was way to early to be meat (doe) hunting.  I’ll save those critters for the grandkids when they come up.

Also had quite a time with my turkeys.  The big old Tom is as mean as ever and tried his darndest to get a “piece” of me!  I’m on to his tricks though and take a rake in the pen with me.  He does not like the “rake!”  The three chicks are growing up and almost as big as the parents.  Still don’t know how I’m going to winter them?  The wild birds are all over the place and should be splitting up soon and claiming their own territory.  That is unless they figure the neighbors farm (and feed) are the best place to call home!

Going to head up again this coming weekend with grandson Kyle to see if he can fill his tag once again.  Should be peak colors and the start of the pre-rut deer season.








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