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Colt 223/556 AR-15A4 Equals Straight Shooting

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

img_6606img_6602img_6592  While Dave and i were at bear camp we did have an opportunity to do some target practice with the various weapons we brought with us.  Unbeknownst to me Dave had brought me a birthday present, and the day before my birthday presented me with a Colt 223 AR-15A4 with a Leupold mount and a Vortex scope.  Man you talk about surprised!  I couldn’t wait to shoot it, but Dave didn’t bring any rounds, as he shoots the same weapon in a 308 cartridge.  Thankfully I had brought a couple boxes of ammo (223) for my varmint weapon.

We set a target up 50 yards away from the front porch and retrieved our weapons.  A crossbow, 9mm, and 10mm hand guns, and my new 223!  It took about 15 rounds to get the Colt sighted in and after that it was one “bullseye” after another.  This weapon is nothing but sweet.  Talk about confidence in what your shooting!  Can’t wait to take it into the field.

Dave is a competitive shooter, but I had never seen him handle his pistol!  He started with his 10mm and went for a rock in the creek 45 yards away.  He told me to keep an eye on a particular rock, and my response was “Yeah right!” Mind you this is open sights at a 30 foot downhill angle.  Bam!  Rock chips went flying everywhere!  I could hardly believe it!  He asked if I wanted to try and five shots later I sent chips flying in the air.  Wow this weapon is the ultimate for just about anything you could think of!

We weren’t done yet as my crossbow was cocked, and the only way to release it is to shoot a bolt.  I had never tried a shot more than thirty yards, so decided to go for a stump 50 yards downhill across the creek.  I picked out a lighter area about a foot down from the top of the stump.  My Cabelas Excalibur has a scope, and I settled on the 50 yard pin.  I slowly squeezed the trigger and watched in amazement as the bolt dead centered the light area, which was only about a 3″x 3″ area.  Talk about impressed!

All I can say it;s a darn good thing those black bears didn’t show up any where near these two deadly marksmen!  Almost forgot we shot the 9mm also with the same rock shattering results as the 10mm. This afternoon of plinking was one of the most memorable parts of our Baldwin Camp adventure.  I posted a short video of Dave nailing the rock on his first try with his 10mm.  Download it and check it out.  It really is amazing!