Superintendent Aaron Thomas Your A Disgrace!

Below is an account of what took place in Coraopolis Penn. recently at a Cornell high school football game! A color guard of military veterans from the local V.F.W. was asked to present “the colors” before the game.  While these veterans stood at attention (as best they could) the National Anthem started to play!  At that point several cheerleaders took a knee right in close proximity to these war hero’s!  I’ll bet they didn’t even know that V.F.W. stands for Veterans Of Foreign Wars!  Furthermore two African American cheerleaders said they could care less about their decision to “take a knee!”  Read what WWII veteran Danny Lorocco has to say about the protest and how it really hurts to see the disrespect shown to American Veterans and the Flag they fought and died for!

The Superintendent Aaron Thomas is a “work” for sure!  When interviewed after the fact he admitted he knew the cheerleaders were going to protest, and didn’t have a problem with it.  I’ll bet this politically correct coward never served a day in his life!  He stated that the whole protest thing was protected free speech and that it helped create “healthy dialog” in the school and community!  What a bunch of crap coming from another sniveling liberal who would never take such a stand say in the Middle East, Russia, China or a myriad of other countries!  It’s because of these Veterans that he can legally offend these men of valor, and support these disrespectful protesters!  My hope would be that the community uses their right to run him out of town on the liberal bus he road in on!  Now that would be “healthy!”

Several high school cheerleaders’ decision to take a knee Friday night while a VFW Color Guard performed at Cornell High School in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, isn’t sitting well with some, especially military veterans.

The gesture has made headlines in recent weeks because of NFL player Colin Kaepernick who has refused to stand while the national anthem is played in protest of racial injustice.

“They don’t know what they are doing, them young kids. They don’t know what they are doing,” WWII Army veteran Danny Larocco said.

Larocco said he didn’t take the photo of the cheerleaders kneeling that has circulated online, but he was there in-person. He said that he and his fellow veterans of VFW 402 in Coraopolis were invited to present the colors before the game.

Instead of standing like everyone else on the field and in the stands 12 out of 15 cheerleaders kneeled, Larocco said.

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“I was 16 when I enlisted, fighting Japanese. To see them do that and disgrace Coraopolis and that school, it made me sick,” the military veteran said.

Cornell School District Superintendent Aaron Thomas, however, said he’s standing by his students’ decision to take a knee.

“This is a classic case that dates back to the ‘60s, and symbolic speech is protected speech,” he said.

Thomas said the district supports the students’ right to free speech, and he said that he was aware some in the cheerleading squad were going to take a knee in a public protest. Thomas, though, said he’s the first to admit their timing could have been better.

“I apologize to those individuals on Friday night that I saw. Ideally could this have happened on another night? Yeah, but it happened on the night that it did (and) it created healthy discussion within (the) walls of our building,” the superintendent said.

Larocco said it all comes down to respect.

“My friends and everybody else that served in the service, they have that right to be respected. We love our flag very much. We fought for it,” he said.

Thomas said he cannot predict whether the cheerleaders will continue their protest at the next home game, but he said to be on the safe side, security will be increased.



11 Responses to “Superintendent Aaron Thomas Your A Disgrace!”

  1. Michael Steward says:

    I think these kids are snivelling, coddled, entitled trash. They are not worthy of licking the boots of these fine gentlemen. This superintendent seems to think they are heroes for being privileged whiners.

  2. Tom Mahler says:

    Perhaps The next time Aaron Thomas stands up to address a community group people who oppose his condoning the disrespect shown to America and its military veterans should turn their backs to him and kneel down,

  3. Tom Mahler says:

    Perhaps the next time Aaron Thomas addresses a community group those who oppose his condoning the disrespect shown by the cheerleaders to America and its military veterans should turn their backs to him and kneel down!

  4. Diane Spencer says:

    Superintendent Aaron Thomas is a coward & is no patriot. Shame on him. They are not answering their phones.

    Simply a case of “The fish stinking from the head down.”
    Aaron Thomas is a jerk & would rather outside forces influence his students than teach them patriotism.

    Shame on Aaron Thoma.

  5. Armymom Donna says:

    Shame on you Aaron Thomas. Our youth of today are already in a struggle with their every day lives and you, you encourage them to disrespect our flag, our country in front of WW2 Vets that are at the end of their life. Those kids don’t even know why they are taking a knee, they are playing ‘follow the leader.’ What? Did you need to get in the spotlight, did you need a stage for your ego. Shame on you. If I had a kid in your school I would pull them out rather than have them exposed to your poor example.


    I left a long detailed message on the cornell school district phone 412-264-5010 extension for Mr Thomas. Had to go thru much to finally access his extension which is under his last name. BUT I made it very clear how I felt, and how disgusting his actions and the actions of the pathetic girls who took a knee were. I also said he should be FIRED, and that all but the 3 cheerleaders who showed respect should be kicked OFF the squad!! Being a cheerleader is NOT A RIGHT, ITS A PRIVELEGE! as a veteran I felt a slap in the face, and I felt they owed respect to all who served, who died, who never made it home, who are still out in the world now keeping the world free from tyrrany. And as for his lame excuse of reaching a dialogue with the VFW vets I said they may have been polite to you, but HOW WILL YOU MAKE IT RIGHT TO THEM? HOW WILL YOU TEACH HONOR AND RESPECT FOR THEM AND ALL OF US TO THESE MILLENIALS? WHO ARE SPOILED BRATS WHO ARE SO SELF CENTERED AND DON’T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING PAST THEIR NEXT LATTE’.

  7. mikewansel says:

    Good for you Brenda! If enough people take a stand maybe Mr. thomas will get the message that it isn’t alright to disrespect our service men and women and our nations flag!

  8. mikewansel says:

    Thank you donna for taking a stand on this issue. I hope Mr. thomas hears the message loud and clear, and the school district gets the message also!

  9. mikewansel says:

    Thanks Diane for trying to take Mr. thomas to task for is unpatriotic disrespectful ways. Hope he gets the message loud and clear!

  10. mikewansel says:

    I hope the backlash of tens of thousands of every day Americans (like you) wake up Mr. Thomas and the school district that needs a history lesson!

  11. mikewansel says:

    Sad state of affairs these educrats are taking our country in! They (Mr. Thomas) need a shot of reality over their bow!