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Deadliest animals In the U.S. Are Actually Bees, Wasp, And Hornets!

Wednesday, November 30th, 2016

An alligator killed a 2-year-old boy at a Walt Disney World DIS, +0.71% resort in Orlando, Fla., in June, prompting discussions about safety in the area where he was pulled underwater.

Despite the fear this type of tragedy causes, the odds of a fatal alligator attack in the U.S. are small. In fact, bees, wasps, hornets, dogs and even cows kill more Americans each year than alligators — or even sharks — do.

The Washington Post used data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to show which animals cause the most deaths in the country each year. The CDC tracks Americans’ deaths based on their death certificates to keep detailed records on mortality!

Bees, wasps and hornets caused the most deaths, an average of 58 per year between 2001 and 2013, according to the Post’s analysis of the CDC data. Cows killed 20 people each year, dogs killed 28, and a separate category called “other mammals” accounted for 52 deaths per year. Sharks, alligators and bears killed one person each year, on average.

The deaths caused by cows don’t include health problems from eating beef; according to the CDC, most of the cow-related deaths happen to people working with cattle in enclosed areas or herding them. Their handlers typically have died from blunt force trauma to their heads or chests.

That said, alligator attacks happen more often than once a year; they just aren’t always fatal.

Is The Government At War With Standing Rock Protesters?

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

Woman at Standing Rock Hit by Concussion Grenade – Police Deny Responsibility


Water protectors at Standing Rock were attacked by police on Sunday, November 20, as they were attempting to clear debris from a bridge. For at least seven hours, the police had surrounded and assaulted the crowd.

Over 300 people were reported to be injured by the medics near Cannon Ball, but police still reported no injuries!

One woman who had traveled to Standing Rock from New York City, Sophia Wilansky, 21,  was horribly injured by shrapnel coming from a concussion grenade thrown by police into the crowd. According to her father who witnessed this event, the grenade was intentionally thrown at Sophia.


As her father and other bystanders have said, the concussion grenade had been thrown directly at her, hit her left arm and exploded. Sophia was merely attempting to bring water to the unarmed people who had been attacked for several hours by Morton County Sheriff deputies. Police claim that it was not a concussion grenade thrown into the crowd by one of their officers but rather a propane tank. A number of eye-witnesses with recorded statements refute this claim by police. These statements are being saved for legal proceedings against officers and Morton County.

Sophia was taken out of North Dakota for emergency surgery, and she is now in stable condition. Her father prepared the following statement, detailing the series of events:

At around 4:30 a.m. after the police hit the bridge with water cannons and rubber bullets and pepper spray, they lobbed a number of concussion grenades which are not supposed to be thrown at people directly, at protesters, or protectors, as they want to be called. A grenade exploded right as it hit Sophia in the left forearm, taking most of the undersurface of her left arm with it. Both her radial and ulnar artery were completely destroyed. Her radius was shattered and a large piece of it is missing. Her medial nerve is missing a large section as well. All of the muscle and soft tissue between her elbow and wrist were blown away. The police did not do this by accident—it was an intentional act of throwing it directly at her. Additionally police were shooting people in face and groin intending to do the most possible damage. Sophia will have surgery again tomorrow as bit by bit they try to rebuild a somewhat functioning arm and hand. The first surgery took a vein from her leg, which they have implanted in her arm to take the place of the missing arteries. She will need multiple surgeries to try to gain some functional use of the arm and hand. She will be, every day for the foreseeable future, fearful of losing her arm and hand. There are no words to describe the pain of watching my daughter cry and say she was sorry for the pain she caused me and my wife. I died a thousand deaths today and will continue to do so for quite some time. I am left without the right words to describe the anguish of watching her look at her now alien arm and hand.

A fund set up by friends and verified to help with Sophia’s recovery is set up here:


Chief Ten Bears Rides Again!

Saturday, November 26th, 2016

miss-mary-2016img_7234This is the 8th straight year I have visited Mrs. Mary’s day care to celebrate Thanksgiving.  My great grandmother was Northern Cree from Saskatchewan Canada and I have taken those Native American roots quite seriously.  I have given demonstrations in several schools and day cares over the years as Chief Ten Bears with an emphasis on Native American culture and history.

This year I prepared a wild turkey for the kids and their parents/grandparents along with some venison jerky for them to sample.  The kids always make stone soup for that special day before Thanksgiving day.

My presentation included my grand-daughter Addy, also known as “Cactus Flower!”  I have several animal hides that I bring and explain which ones were traded (beaver, muskrat, mink, etc) to the French and English trappers.  I have a wolf hide that I got in Canada that is always a big hit with the kids, but it seems they get the biggest kick out of my skunk pelt!  Why do you think that is?  I have many Native American artifacts that I have reproduced or bought that the kids enjoy.

At the end of the presentation they are always welcome to touch the various pelts and many parents want to take a picture or two with me and some of the display items.  They especially like to try on my coyote hat or my otter hat for pictures.  Always a good question and answer period with the kids and even the parents.  Most kids have a good understanding of the things that they are truly thankful for.  I think “my family” was number one, as it should be!  Hope everyone had a blessed day and have survived “Black Friday!”  I did as I stayed in the safety of my home!



Montana Grizzly Attack!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

bear 2014 004GREAT FALLS, Mont. –  Montana wildlife officials say a female grizzly bear protecting her two cubs attacked and seriously injured an elk hunter. Fish, Wildlife and Parks Warden Capt. Dave Holland tells the Great Falls Tribune that an initial investigation indicates it was a surprise encounter, with the bear defending her cubs. The man didn’t fire any shots at the bear, which ran off after the attack Sunday. It occurred on private property near the small northwestern city of Choteau. The injured man, whose identity hasn’t been released, was part of a hunting party and was taken by private vehicle to a clinic in Choteau, then flown by helicopter to a hospital in Great Falls. State officials plan to visit the area today.

This is a developing story, but again reminds all outdoors men and women that there are dangers to be aware of while enjoying the great outdoors.  Although bear attacks are rather rare, a grizzly attack can often end up being fatal. I will follow up as more news is collected about this incident!


Ansel’s Putting Venison In the Freezer

Monday, November 21st, 2016

img_7068So far the Ansel clan has had a pretty decent year, as far as venison goes.  The grandkids have certainly upped the ante, as five of them have downed deer this year with four of them being bucks. Josh Ansel’s two girls “Sammie” and “Scottie” both shot bucks at grandpa’s hunting camp as well as Seth Ansel (Justin’s boy) and Jax Jones (Jenna “Ansel” Jones son.)  Jax took a bruiser of a buck with his grandpa’s crossbow that came in second place at the lewiston big buck contest!  My grandson kyle (11 years old) also got in on the success with a crossbow doe; his third deer in three years!

The Ansel brothers have done quite well also with Darryl downing an 8 pointer in Bronson, and Brad a 7 point in Jackson.  I shot a young buck for my freezer that was at the brink of being empty.  Haven’t heard from Randy who is hunting his property in Onaway, but I’m sure he will be successful along with a couple of his boys.

There are a lot of us in the woods yet, and late season snow is always a boon to those of us who love to hunt in that white fluffy stuff!  So far reports have been mixed as the weather and standing corn have kept the number down, yet the racks seem to be a little bigger than most years.  Say QDM!

The rest of gun season, muzzleloader, and the resumption of bow season will certainly add to the total deer harvest here in Michigan. I will post a few photo’s that I have. img_6861img_4265-jpgimg_3041img_1800Shoot straight, stay warm, and make sure your target is absolutely a deer!


Maryland Bear attack!

Saturday, November 19th, 2016

A 63-year-old grandmother can be heard begging for her life as an enraged mother bear repeatedly mauled her Wednesday night, according to a 9-1-1 recording released by the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department. “Hurry. He’s broken my arms and my legs. I can’t move, and I’m bleeding, and I’m going to die,” Karen Osborne says to the 9-1-1 dispatch on the recording. The incident is the first bear attack in modern Maryland history. Karen E. Osborne, was seriously injured with broken bones and has more than 80 stitches, according to her son-in-law Mark Snuffin. She was mauled repeatedly when she walked down the driveway of her daughter’s Frederick home at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday. According  to Snuffin, she went to investigate after the family dog began barking.  Wildlife officials believe Osbourne’s dog chased one of the bear’s three cubs up a tree in the darkness.

The bear was shot to death by Maryland Department of Natural Resources wildlife officials Thursday morning.

The 193-pound sow had been radio collared by wildlife officials on September 1 after complaints that the bear and her three cubs had been marauding trash cans and bird feeders for much of the summer, doing significant damage to one resident’s chicken coop, according to Harry Spiker, Maryland’s state bear biologist.

Many residents had taken photos of the bear and cubs throughout 2016.

“She had a big scar on her shoulder and wasn’t able to use that one paw,” said Dick Klug. “I assume she’d been hit by a car at some point.”

Klug took photos of the sow and cubs after the bears wallowed in a decorative garden pond on his property during a heat wave in August.

Wildlife officials believe the bear attacked to defend one of its cubs, which had climbed a tree, according to Candus Thomson, spokesperson for Maryland Department of Natural Resources Police.

Ten Year Old Jax Jones Shoots Record Buck!

Thursday, November 17th, 2016

img_7193img_7182img_7184ray-dons-doe-lorna-medad1So far this deer season has been “boom” or “bust” for those in the ansel family!  It has personally been a big “zero” for me as I saw a total of “n0” deer in three days of gun hunting!  It’s a little different story for several other members of the family.

I guess the main “hero” so far is my great nephew Jax Jones!  Jax is my brother Randy’s grandson.  Randy bought 160 acres this past year and has been feverishly working on the property to make it a deer mecca!  So far it looks like he has done a beautiful job, as four of his grandkids have taken deer this season.  Jax is the youngest of the group at just 10 years old, but has shot the biggest buck so far.  Actually his big 10 point may stay in “first place” for some time.

Jax was hunting with grandpa Randy November 14th. with a crossbow when the big 10 point approached the stubble field.  Randy said he was skittish and seems ready to bolt at any moment.  In fact he did run back a ways to make it a longer shot if he turned in the right position.  Jax had the 3 dot scope on the deer as he offered up the lung shoulder area.  Gramps told him to put the third dot on the deer’s back and “pop” him!  Jax let the bolt fly and felt confident in the hit!  They both thought they heard a large branch break, as the deer ran for the woods.  It was getting dark so they wasted no time in getting on the blood trail.  The deer only made it about 60 yards, as the bolt went through the shoulder and out the neck for a quick kill!  Grandpa and grandson shared a special moment that will go with them till they draw their last breath. The Ansel family has harvested some really nice sized deer over the years, with several of them being in the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan record book and others in the Pope and Young record book.  Uncle Mike (Me) did a green score on Jax buck and it measured 127 inches which will be more than enough to make the CBM record book!  “Come on” this is a 10 year old’s first deer!!!

To top it off the deer was entered into the Lewiston big buck contest, and came a few minutes away from walking off with top honors!  A women came in with a deer bigger than Jax at 2 minutes after the buck pole closed, but the organizers allowed her to enter, which put Jax in second place.  There were more big bucks on that pole than I’ve seen in years!

And what makes this story even more special is that Jax great grandpa (Norm Ansel) won the Lewiston big buck contest in 1969 with a nice 11 pointer. I could not find a picture of my dad with his buck so I’ll have to settle for a picture of the deer with me and my future wife standing in front of it.  I did find one of my dad and a six point he took the following year, and will post it.  Way to go Jax!  Everybody in the family will be playing catch-up for years to come I’m thinking

Extreme L.E.D. Lights Can Blind Oncoming Traffic And Are Illegal!

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

img_7160img_7161Last evening I was on my way to my cabin in Luzerne for several days of work combined with a little hunting.  I left my house at 8:30 and at 8:55 I was calling my wife to let her know I had been in an accident.

I was driving my new Ram 1500, pulling a trailer with my Polaris 4×4 in tow.  Not to far from home while driving on a rural country road I encountered a vehicle coming toward me with very bright headlights and a huge brilliant light in the center of the vehicle.  I kept flashing my brights on and off trying to get the other driver to dim his lights that were literally blinding me. I knew that the road ended at a stop sign, and I was trying to keep to the right as I didn’t want to hit the oncoming vehicle “head on!”

Next thing I know is a yellow sign with a right and left turning arrow smashed into the front of my truck along with a road sign! I was going almost 50 miles an hour and hit the brakes as I broke limbs off several pine trees, and came to rest in a private driveway.  The bright lights were coming from a f-150 parked in this driveway that had a special large bank of bright l.e.d. lights.  The drive was right in line with the road, and because I was blinded I was trying to stay to the right of a car that wasn’t even on the road.

The sheriff department was called and the young man with the truck denied having the l.e.d. lights on!  I told the sheriff he was lying as he filled out his report.  My truck sustained about $4000.00 dollars in damage and the trailer was a total loss.  Some equipment on the trailer was also broken, but the 4×4 escaped any damage. My buddy Bob came and followed me home where I parked everything for the night, and thanked the Lord I had not been injured.

The sheriff did not issue me a ticket, but told the young man about the illegal use of such lighting!  I guess it’s like fireworks in Michigan!  You can buy them, but not use them.  It is illegal to be on a public highway and use these powerful blinding lights. Seeing he was in his driveway must have prevented the sheriff from any action against him!

Let this be a warning to anyone caught in the “spotlight” like I was!  Pull over till the lights pass or you can figure out just whats going on.  It sure ruined my time at the cabin and put quite a scare into me as well!


Polaris Owners Beware – Mice Are Everywhere

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

img_7136img_7134img_7135I own a Polaris 570 4 x 4 (2016 model!)  Love the machine, but I recently found a potential for big time problems!

I had been at my cabin and rode the machine for several miles while checking trail camera’s and just riding the back roads.  I locked it up in my pole barn before coming back home.

Five days later I was back at camp, and when I started my Polaris it started making a noise like it had a loose chain, or something rattling around underneath!  I could not find what was making all the racket, as it did it in forward and reverse.  I was afraid to drive it, so I parked it back in the pole barn.  A couple days later 3 young Amish men were doing some work on my place, and I asked them if they could locate the noise, as I drove around the yard.  sure enough everyone agreed it was coming from inside the motor and probably from the clutch assembly.  They also noted that there was a powdery dust and smell coming from the clutch cover area!

When it was time to come home I put the 4 x 4 on the trailer so I could work on it.  Our local dealership would charge a couple hundred bucks to check it out, so I called my nephew Jarrod ( 4 wheeler mechanic) and was instructed on how to remove the clutch cover and air breather tubes.  As soon as I loosened the 8 screws finely ground corn started falling to the garage floor. Once I was able to get all the screws removed an avalanche of corn poured out.  I could not believe the amount of corn that mice had stashed inside the clutch assembly.  They were able to do this through the air breather openings!

I was able to blow out the remaining corn with the help of an air compressor, and then put things back together.  I picked up some De-Con and mouse traps, and am parking my machine in the new pole barn from now on.  So if you are storing your machine where mice and squirrels have access be aware of the potential damage these critters can do when a they find a nice little storage place for winter survival!


Dead Elk Impales Hunter Who Shot It!

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016