Polaris Owners Beware – Mice Are Everywhere

img_7136img_7134img_7135I own a Polaris 570 4 x 4 (2016 model!)  Love the machine, but I recently found a potential for big time problems!

I had been at my cabin and rode the machine for several miles while checking trail camera’s and just riding the back roads.  I locked it up in my pole barn before coming back home.

Five days later I was back at camp, and when I started my Polaris it started making a noise like it had a loose chain, or something rattling around underneath!  I could not find what was making all the racket, as it did it in forward and reverse.  I was afraid to drive it, so I parked it back in the pole barn.  A couple days later 3 young Amish men were doing some work on my place, and I asked them if they could locate the noise, as I drove around the yard.  sure enough everyone agreed it was coming from inside the motor and probably from the clutch assembly.  They also noted that there was a powdery dust and smell coming from the clutch cover area!

When it was time to come home I put the 4 x 4 on the trailer so I could work on it.  Our local dealership would charge a couple hundred bucks to check it out, so I called my nephew Jarrod ( 4 wheeler mechanic) and was instructed on how to remove the clutch cover and air breather tubes.  As soon as I loosened the 8 screws finely ground corn started falling to the garage floor. Once I was able to get all the screws removed an avalanche of corn poured out.  I could not believe the amount of corn that mice had stashed inside the clutch assembly.  They were able to do this through the air breather openings!

I was able to blow out the remaining corn with the help of an air compressor, and then put things back together.  I picked up some De-Con and mouse traps, and am parking my machine in the new pole barn from now on.  So if you are storing your machine where mice and squirrels have access be aware of the potential damage these critters can do when a they find a nice little storage place for winter survival!


One Response to “Polaris Owners Beware – Mice Are Everywhere”

  1. Bill says:

    I have found the same thing every spring in the air filter of my Ford tractor.