Ansel’s Tag Four (4) Record Class Bucks For 2016

buckimg_1800img_4492img_4431-1Wow what a year the Ansel’s and their kids and grandkids had hunting this year. Ten deer taken and nine of them were bucks! A couple of the grandkids shot their first deer which was quite a thrill for my Brother Randy as three of his grandkids downed bucks along with his son Justin.

And just to add icing on the “game pole” four (4) of those deer are large enough to make the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan record book!  The smallest of those four was my 8 point shot in late November with a crossbow.  It “green scored” 118 inches.  It takes a minimum of 100 inches to make the book.  Next was 10 year old Jax Jones who shot a whopper of a ten (10) point while hunting with his grandpa Randy.  Jax deer was also taken with a crossbow, and green scored 125 inches.  Next came Darryl’s last day muzzle-loader bruiser.  His heavy racked eight point green scored 130 inches!  Of course I saved the best for last with Darryl’s son in law Scott Smiley downing a massive eight pointer with a deadly double lung crossbow shot.  Scott’s deer green scored 150 Boone and Crockett inches, and is one of the biggest bucks ever taken by any member of this family. Only my Hillsdale 160 inch 8 pointer is bigger, and were talking about hundreds of deer harvested over the past 55 years by the 6 Ansel brothers.

There is a 60 day drying period before an official score can be taken, but it’s safe to say all the deer will make the record book with ease.  for me it’s just nice to have some tasty venison in the freezer to enjoy over the winter, and to share with friends.

Pictures posted will be from smallest to largest buck!


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  1. Hunting Sara says:

    Those things are just huge!!!