Big Buck Down

buckimg_7392img_7413First let me apologize for being away for several days with no new post!  Secondly let me tell you the reason why.  Believe it or not I shot a buck last Thursday!  Not just any buck, but a really big buck!  As far as I know no one had seen this buck in my area before.  In fact I had only seen one shooter buck all year and that one was on a late night trail camera.  My area is not known for huge antlered deer, even though I took a really nice 6 pointer two years ago.

Early Thursday morning I left for my cabin to do some work on the plumbing, as the local plumbing inspector was making my life miserable!  That’s a whole another story! Anyway I took my crossbow, as two weeks ago a buck had made a scrape about 30 yards from my ground blind.  I could not break away from the cabin till 3 in the after noon.  It’s dark by 5:15 p.m. so I knew I wouldn’t be sitting long.  Arriving at the blind I checked the scrape and saw that it had been “hit” recently.  I settled in after putting some fresh “golden estrus” in the dirt and on the licking branch.  I cocked my crossbow, put in a bolt and took a seat.  Actually I wasn’t in the stealth hunter mode!  Just kind of waiting for 4:45 when my senses go on “high alert!”  I was actually reading a small book I keep in the blind, when I noticed movement out the window.  It was a buck, a big buck, and he headed right to the scrape!  He stretched out to smell and lick the branch giving me a perfect broadside shot.  I was on him in an instant.  I had predetermined that this would be a 30 yard shot, and settled the 30 yard pin on the crease behind his front leg.  I squeezed the trigger and heard the “wack” noise of broadhead meeting flesh, but could not see where the impact actually was?  These bolts are so fast you cannot see them with the naked eye, but an immediate stumble said the hit no doubt was good.  I didn’t have to worry about that for long, as the deer didn’t make 30 yards, came to a stop, staggered, and keeled over!  The whole thing took about 15 seconds!

The “rage” broadhead did it again!  Of course it helps when it’s a dead center heart shot.  From where the deer was standing there was blood splattered 10 foot past the exit hole!  I did not have to track, as I watched the deer go down.

I never got a deer last year, so this big bruiser thrilled me to death.  Meat in the freezer and a rack for the wall, and memories that will last forever.  Not even the plumbing inspector could wipe the grin off my face as I hoisted this “bad boy” onto the Ansel Camp game pole.

2 Responses to “Big Buck Down”

  1. Hunting Sara says:

    What a great shot! Can’t remember the last time I shot a buck like that. How much pounds of meat did you get out of it approximately?


  2. mikewansel says:

    Sent you an e-mail Sara. Thanks for the comment!