Merry Christmas 2016

I just wanted to take time and wish everyone a Blessed Christmas.  This nativity scene has been in our family since 1970.  Actually it’s one of the first gifts I ever bought my wife.  We were married in October of 1970 and I bought this for her just before Christmas.  I got it at Federals Dept. store, and it cost my wife a “back rub!”  With six kids and now twelve grand kids I have had to use glue on a few of the figures.  Baby Jesus and the angels seem to get the most attention.

We have a tradition in our home where, on Christmas morning one of the grand kids takes Jesus from His hiding place, and puts Him in the manger.  We then sing a few songs, including Happy Birthday Jesus.  We write down who had the honor of placing Jesus in the manger, and also video tape the morning, so we know whose turn it is next year.  Usually we emphasize that it is Jesus birthday we are celebrating, and ask the kids a few questions about the “true” meaning of Christmas.  There is a saying that goes “Jesus is the reason for the season!”  If you remove Christ from the Christmas season, what you have left over is “Happy Holidays!”  You have parties, food, friends, family, extravagant buying and selling, In the black, in the red, Santa clause, snowmen, and days off of work.  To some you also have the most depressing time of the year.  It doesn’t take a nuclear scientist to see where some want to take our country concerning the highest Holy Day in all of Christendom.  No public display of Manger scenes, stores not allowing their employees to say “Merry Christmas,” Schools eliminating programs and songs that tell the real story.  It would seem that our government (chided by ACLU lawsuits) bends over backwards so as  not to “offend” other faiths or atheist/agnostics.  On the other hand  Christians can be offended, slandered, and maligned to the hilt, and that’s ok!  I just wonder if those decrying the misappropriated “separation of church and state,” would go to bat for persecuted Christians in  Muslims courts.

Like it or not this nation WAS founded on Judeo/Christian principles.  Not Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or some swami, Dali Lama, or Rev. Sun-Myung- Moon.  The true History (His Story) of this nation has been undergoing a transformation over the last few decades.  It appears we have  gotten to the point where  public school textbooks will soon totally eliminate any mention of  Christianity  or it’s role in the framing of our Constitution.

I hope each one reading this will take some time to reflect on the true meaning of the season.  God loving us so much that he sent his only Son into the world as a sacrifice for out transgressions.  It started with a babe in the manger, and culminated with a Savior on the cross.  Redemption and Salvation are for ALL that except Him a Savior and love Him as Lord.

Have a Blessed Christmas Mike

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