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Expectations Fulfilled In “The Promised Land!”

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

img_6520img_1745img_1737img_7182img_1880My older brother Randy bought a 160 acre piece of property this last Spring and immediately dubbed it “The Promised Land!”I think he has been looking for this little piece of heaven all his life, and now that he actually possess it hardly wants to leave and come back home.  He has pretty muched lived in his cabin since September, as he’s groomed trails, put up blinds, modernized the cabin, cut wood, and is planning on building a pole barn! I haven’t seen my brother so happy in many years, as he oversees the making of a first class “hunting camp!”

Randy has four adult children, with three of them being boys who all love to hunt the wily whitetail.  He also has 9 grand children, and several of them are also into hunting.

There is a 30 acre field right beside the very nice two story cabin that a local farmer plants, and a small two acre food plot back further in the woods.  Randy’s son Josh made a transportable blind, complete with reclining comfortable chairs that was set up near the 2 acre plot.  Tree stands are scattered throughout the property, as Randy gets to know deer patterns, and the lay of the land.  He told me that his greatest joy would be to see his grandkids and kids enjoy the property and harvest some of the bounty that was certainly using “the promised land!” Many deer and turkeys have been seen roaming the area, and bear seem to like the location also.

To say this initial deer season was a rousing success would be an understatement! During the September youth hunt Randy’s grandson Seth (Justin’s son) took a nice 8 point, for the first deer harvested on the “promised land!” Next up was Josh’s daughters Sammie, and Scottie who both took bucks during bow-season with crossbows.  Three for three is great, but then Randy took his 10 year old grandson Jax (Jenna’s son) out of school for a whole week.  Him and grandpa hunted the same 2 acre food plot his cousins had taken deer in.  Jax was seeing a lot of does and a smaller buck and wanted to shoot any of them, but grandpa was holding out for a nice buck.  The third night out, that nice buck appeared and Jax put the ” smack down” on a trophy 10 point!  Wow grandkids four (4) and deer zero (0!)  It doesn’t get any better than that, unless you throw in the fact that Jax deer took second place in the local big buck contest!

During rifle season Justin took a respectable 7 point, to make it 5 bucks harvested so far.  Season is far from over as Randy can now get serious himself since his grandkids have tagged out!  Jarrod hasn’t given up yet and will no doubt be back on stand very soon.  So as one can see the property was appropriately named “The promised land,” and it’s lived up to it’s “title!”


Darryl Ansel Fulfills Requirements Toward The Michigan Bowhunters Coveted Grand Slam Award

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

img_3899img_4150-jpgimg_4265-jpgMy younger brother Darryl is the most dedicated outdoorsman I know.  He’s getting up in years(67 in Jan) but few half his age can keep up with him!  I quit trying 20 years ago.  During October, November, and December his wife Cathy is a true hunting widow. Darryl has been a police officer all his working life and has went from patrolman, to sergeant, to chief, and back to patrolman in his semi-retirement years.  Right now he puts in one day a week for the Dundee police department, and the other six days you will usually find him in the great outdoors.

Darryl and I have both been members of the Michigan Bowhunters Association for over 25 years.  Several years ago he was awarded one of the most prized awards the club gives at it’s annual Spring banquet. The “Grand Slam” award is given to any member that legally tags a deer, bear, and one of the following small game animals (turkey, goose, coyote, bobcat,or fox) in a calendar year.  His first award was given about 17 years ago, and he followed that up with another one a few years later.  He’s been close on many occasions since, as have I, but we’ve come up one animal short for the award.

Well this year “little brother” has done it again!  He nailed a fine Northern Michigan (Marquette) black bear in September, downed a cornfield goose in October, and put a fine 8 pointer on the ground the day before gun season (Nov. 14th.) One grand-slam is a lifetime achievement, and two is practically unheard of, but three puts him in a catagory of elite bowhunters!  He is tenacious, and if he’s hot on your trail you might as well “turn yourself in!”

His den looks like the “Fred Bear” museum! More buck’s than you can count, several bear, including the number two (2) archery recurve in CBM, turkeys galore, coyotes, and several other critters all taken with a bow and arrow.  Congratulations Darryl you earned all the accolades the sport of archery awards you.  You represent the brotherhood of archers well!


Big Buck Down

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

buckimg_7392img_7413First let me apologize for being away for several days with no new post!  Secondly let me tell you the reason why.  Believe it or not I shot a buck last Thursday!  Not just any buck, but a really big buck!  As far as I know no one had seen this buck in my area before.  In fact I had only seen one shooter buck all year and that one was on a late night trail camera.  My area is not known for huge antlered deer, even though I took a really nice 6 pointer two years ago.

Early Thursday morning I left for my cabin to do some work on the plumbing, as the local plumbing inspector was making my life miserable!  That’s a whole another story! Anyway I took my crossbow, as two weeks ago a buck had made a scrape about 30 yards from my ground blind.  I could not break away from the cabin till 3 in the after noon.  It’s dark by 5:15 p.m. so I knew I wouldn’t be sitting long.  Arriving at the blind I checked the scrape and saw that it had been “hit” recently.  I settled in after putting some fresh “golden estrus” in the dirt and on the licking branch.  I cocked my crossbow, put in a bolt and took a seat.  Actually I wasn’t in the stealth hunter mode!  Just kind of waiting for 4:45 when my senses go on “high alert!”  I was actually reading a small book I keep in the blind, when I noticed movement out the window.  It was a buck, a big buck, and he headed right to the scrape!  He stretched out to smell and lick the branch giving me a perfect broadside shot.  I was on him in an instant.  I had predetermined that this would be a 30 yard shot, and settled the 30 yard pin on the crease behind his front leg.  I squeezed the trigger and heard the “wack” noise of broadhead meeting flesh, but could not see where the impact actually was?  These bolts are so fast you cannot see them with the naked eye, but an immediate stumble said the hit no doubt was good.  I didn’t have to worry about that for long, as the deer didn’t make 30 yards, came to a stop, staggered, and keeled over!  The whole thing took about 15 seconds!

The “rage” broadhead did it again!  Of course it helps when it’s a dead center heart shot.  From where the deer was standing there was blood splattered 10 foot past the exit hole!  I did not have to track, as I watched the deer go down.

I never got a deer last year, so this big bruiser thrilled me to death.  Meat in the freezer and a rack for the wall, and memories that will last forever.  Not even the plumbing inspector could wipe the grin off my face as I hoisted this “bad boy” onto the Ansel Camp game pole.