Scoring Your Buck

img_7599img_7600Toward the end of november I dropped a pretty decent buck (northern lower) and just got the European mount back from the taxidermist! Just to satisfy my own curiosity I decided to get out the tape and “green” score it!

The first measurement I took was the greatest inside spread between main beams.  Mine was 16-4/8, as you measure everything by the closest 1/8th.  Next you do the length of the right and left beams starting at the base of the burr and following the contour of the beam to the tip.  A flexible wire or string will work for doing this, and a yardstick to measure the wire or string will help.  Once you get the beam measured you will need to measure the tine lengths from the outside of the beam.  You will start this measurement by drawing (pencil) a line from one side of the tine to the other keeping the line straight between those two points.  Follow the contour of the tine to the end then check your measure with the tape. Start with the brow tine.  Mine was 1-1/8, as the brows were super small!  Next comes the G-2 tine (which is generally the longest.) Mine measured 8 inches.  Next is the G-3 which was 5 inches on mine.  My deer was an 8 pointer so there were no more tines after the G-3’s.  You could have G-4’s, G-5’s, G-6’s, depending on the size of your deer?  Now measure the opposite side beam lengths and right them down.  Mine were 2-1/8 (brow)< 8-1/8 (G-2), and 3-2/8 (G-3’s.)

The last measurement you get is the circumference between the points.  Take the narrowest circumference between the brow and G-2, G-2 and G-3 and measure the halfway point from the G-3 and the end of the beam point.  Also measure the circumference around the base of the beams.  That will give you a total of 4 base measurements which is all you get no matter how many points your deer has! Mine came out with a total of 4-4/8, 4,4,and 3 on the right side and 4-4/8, 4,4-4/8, and 3 on the left side.  That totals 31-4/8 in total base measurements.

My score came out to 16-4/8 ‘inside spread, plus 27-5/8 point length, plus beam lengths of 42-4/8, and 31-4/8 circumference measurements which equals a total “green” score of 118 1/8. It takes a total score of 100 inches to be entered into the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan record book if your deer was taken with a bow or crossbow!  Looks like after the official 60 day drying period mine should make it with room to spare!

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