Deer Season 2016 Is In The Books

img_7652I went to the cabin Friday morning with a doe tag in my pocket and came home today with a doe tag still in my pocket!  I was wanted to donate some venison to a couple families I know that love venison, and could use some help in putting meat in the freezer.  It wasn’t for lack of trying I just couldn’t pull it off on a two evening hunt!  Mornings I was working on my new cabin putting in counters, sink, and a countertop.

I have a small farm on my northern boundary line and the piles of sweet smelling silage have the deer crossing my property to investigate.  They must be yarding up in the area as I have never seen so many tracks in such a small area. I sat in my ground blind both evenings and saw several yearlings, but not the big doe I was looking for.  It was hard to choose the right locating because runways crisscrossed from every direction.  I put a couple trail camera’s out, but really needed more time to determine what runways were being used in daylight hours!

Upon checking the camera on the west side of my blind I found that the morning hours turned out to be my best chance for a daylight deer. Guess maybe I should of put off the cabin work for awhile and sat for a morning hunt.  Oh well you don’t get a deer every time you sit in a blind!  Can’t complain as I took two bucks this year and 10 deer were taken within the Ansel family.

Depending on the winter, next year could see a dramatic increase in deer numbers around my place.  Actually I need to seriously think about harvesting more doe’s for better QDM around my place.  There are way to many doe’s compared to the amount of bucks seen and harvested around my area. At least I have a freezer full of tasty venison and some good memories to tide me over for another winter.  I will post a photo of the amount of deer activity going on in the snow covered woods around my place.


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