Michigan Spring Turkey Permits Available!

IMG_4082IMG_4053IMG_2206Jay-Birds bird 004img_7007Hey you turkey hunters out there it’s time to send in your application for the Spring turkey hunt.  January 31 st. is the deadline, so don’t wait for the last minute!

Turkey hunting has become one of my favorite hunting sports, which has allowed me to share with others, including grandkids.  My 12 year old grandson Kyle has taken 3 birds thus far and my 12 year old grand-daughter shot a beautiful Tom with a 9 inch beard last year. Grandson Jacob also took a nice bird a couple years ago. My daughter Mindy’s fiance shot his first bird last year, and I shot a huge Tom myself.  I have been super successful over the years, but it doesn’t happen by accident!  I know the birds, know where their at, and know how to “call” like a lovesick hen.  Just those three ingredients should help make for a nice wild Thanksgiving bird in the freezer! Of course a good blind set up and a decoy or two doesn’t hurt your chances either.

The range of the Michigan wild turkey is from one end of the state to the other, including the U.P.  I hunted the Escanaba area for 3 years and took three nice birds with the biggest bird I’ve ever seen getting away!  I’ve hunted Southern Birds (Hillsdale and Jackson) and always scored.  Hunted mid-state last year and took a nice Tom on private property.  Recently I have been hunting the northern county of Oscoda in the Spring and have been very pleased with the results around my cabin.  Actually the biggest bird (12 inch beard) I ever took was just behind my home here in Monroe County.

Wild turkey is a great addition to ones freezer and can be a wary and smart adversary in the woods.  Don’t fall for the belief that they are stupid by any means!  A Jake may come and go, but a true trophy Tom can make a fool out of you in a heartbeat!  Do your homework, know your equipment, and get ready for some strutting, yelping, and gobbling this Spring!


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