Not All Bucks Are In the Freezer!


PhotobucketSure now you show up and stand 20 feet away from me.  I saw this nice 8-point a few days ago, as I traveled the back country of the north woods.  He looked healthy, and no worse the ware for being on the “wanted list” for over three months.  It’s a good thing that many of these nice bucks do make it through the season or we would all have to eat more beef.  I think that by the time a buck gets to be 2-1/2 years old he’s already got his Bachelors degree in out smarting hunters.  The really mature bucks (4-1/2 on up) have a Doctorate in eluding the dinner table or den wall.  All I can say is it’s a good thing for the “rut!”   Most of those “bad-boys” taken during deer season are caught off guard, cause they have their mind on the ladies.  Can you imagine that?

Right now I should be well into some coyote/fox hunting, but the weather isn’t cooperating.  We have had very little snow that stays around, as we keep getting warm spells and rain to get ride of the snow.  right now the ground is totally void of any snow around here.  I hate rain in the winter!  If it’s going to be winter I want snow and lots of it.  Michigan usually does get It’s share of the white powder, but my area doesn’t seem to get dumped on as much as the rest of the state.  (South-East corner)  Oh well we still have a good while to go before the daisy’s start popping up, so I’ll just bide my time.  Those “yotes” and foxes will still be chasing whatever critter they can sink their teeth into, and hopefully I’ll be chasing them shortly.  We at least have snow up around the cabin and I can try my hand up there when I get a chance.



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