Roadblocks To Building Your Own Cabin

kitchen counterIMG_4310IMG_7796In late summer my future son-in-law and I had an Amish building company put up a 16 x 30 foot barn style shell on my property.  All I had to do was finish it off.  You know water well, water lines, plumbing, electrical, propane lines, furnace, water heater, septic, trenching and tool rentals, interior walls, staining, flooring, insulation, lighting, cabinets, counter tops, etc! Well here I am almost 5 months down the road and I am totally wore out!  I should of done this 20-30 years ago; not at 70!

Let me tell you there are hidden dangers lurking in the shadows at every turn!  I guess my first and most costly complaint would be the plumbing.  I am a retired pipefitter/plumber who has personally plumbed up 7 new homes (one a $500,000 dollar mansion with 4 bathrooms!)  In all that work I have never been “red tagged” by an inspector for anything.

The cabin would have a toilet, shower, sink, and a kitchen sink!  Piece of cake right?  Wrong!  The plumbing inspector for my area red tagged the whole job and said I could not install the outdoor on demand water heater I had plumbed up!  He said I needed to get ahold of a plumbing contractor to do the job.  I had one come out (that he recommended) and asked him to inspect what I had done and he and his partner found only two minor problems with my job.  I was also told I had to install a trap and lines for a washer and dryer, which I have no plans of using.  This is a cabin used 3 weeks out of the year!  I hired the plumbing contractor to finish the job and a month later was slapped with a bill for $2500.00 including gas mileage to and from the work site!  He practically gutted my work per the plumbing inspector who signed off on the plumbing and mechanical permits without even running water through the system or checking the drains.  The “Good Old Boy” network is alive and well in my neck of the woods!

A few other minor setbacks can occur on any project like this, but be sure of what your getting into before you tackle such an undertaking.  Sometimes it’s better to have the bulk of the time consuming things done for you cause there will still be plenty of other things to finish before you can kick back in the La-Z-Boy and watch your favorite video!  Just saying!


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