Venison Meatballs Yum Yum!

img_7678I just made the best venison meatballs I’ve ever made.  I thawed two packages of venison burger from the spike I shot earlier this year.  Once thawed i added italian bread crumbs and a can of tomato paste.  I stirred that up and then added two eggs and two tablespoons of Worchester sauce.  Added some parsley and onion salt along with a dash of Lowery’s seasoning.  Stirred that all in and then cut up a onion and added that and a little more bread crumbs.  Salt and ground pepper were next plus about a 1/4 cup of water.

Once that was all mixed up I sprayed olive oil in a square glass baking pan and rolled the venison into meatballs.  I had 24 of them in the pan and when the oven reached 340 degrees I set them in to cook.  After 20 minutes I rolled them over to make sure both sides where feeling the heat!  In just under an hour they were ready to go.

I immediately ate three of them while they were nice and hot.  My wife (not a big fan of wild game) even ate one and gave me a compliment.  I took a bowl of them to a small church meeting and they never made it “home alive!”  Several women questioned me as to whether they were eating venison, and I replied “yes!”  They responded that they could not tell and enjoyed the chance to sample the wild game.  Followed up the night with a meatball sandwich.  It did not disappoint!


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