Virginia Bear Cub Fights For Survival!

Their cries helped two hunters find them.

Animal officials in Virginia said two small black bear cubs were discovered alone in a den without their mama.

Hunters called animal officials and biologists recommended they leave the cubs overnight and wait for mom to return. But the next day, the little bears were still alone.

The cubs’ den is in Lunenburg County, Va. — about 40 miles north of the North Carolina border — and the pair was first spotted by rabbit hunters on Saturday, officials from the Wildlife Center of Virginia said.

During a check that day on the baby bears, a biologist noticed one cub had crawled out of the den and was “extremely cold and wet,” according to a press release. The biologist began warming and rehydrating the cubs, but one died that night.

On Monday, the lone cub was taken to the Wildlife Center of Virginia, in Waynesboro.

Officials believe the baby bear is about 10 days old and in good health, according to the release. He’s now in the center’s intensive care unit and being fed around the clock. What does that mean for little bears? Every four hours, for a total of six feedings a day.

His prognosis was listed as fair. His fur? Fuzzy.

 Biologists also plan to check den sites next week for a surrogate mama bear for the teeny cub, added officials who said “cubbing season” has only just begun.

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