Bygone Era Big Buck!

IMG_5931You would be surprised at what you can find in someones shed, old shop, or a garage sale!  I personally am not one to hunt through someone else’s “stuff”, but my older brother Randy is!  He is particularly on the lookout for old taxidermy mounts, and I would say he has hundreds of whitetail deer horns and mounts cluttering up his man-cave!

Randy recently purchases 160 acres and a cabin near Onaway.  His very first year of deer hunting they took 5 bucks off the property with his 10 year old grandson shooting a 135 inch 10 point.  Randy has spent a lot of time up north and is not bashful about checking to see if you have anything of interest to him in your garage, barn, or building!

Several months ago he was riding on an old back road and came across, what looked like, a closed “second hand/antique shop!”He noticed a guy cutting grass nearby and asked if he knew who owned the building?  Turns out he did and to make a long story short he let Randy rummage through it. Well low and behold he found just what he was looking for.  The guy had a pre-Michigan tag mounted deer head that was a monster.  The mount itself was “ratty” but the horns were spectacular.  The 17 point non-typical has more mass than I’ve ever seen on a deer, and my rough score on it is right around 180 inches!  The plans are to put a new cape on it and hang it where people can appreciate a deer harvested from the lumbering days of the northern Michigan forest.

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