Hip Replacement Surgery Wildwood Orthopaedic Hospital Sylvania Ohio!

ervinIMG_7810Sorry it has been so long since I’ve written a post, but I have a great excuse!  My left hip was totally replaced less than a week ago, which has left me quite immobile!

I started having hip pain about a year and a half ago after my 69 year old body attempted a 150 yard low crawl to intercept a large Tom turkey that got “hung up” on a fence row. Pain (on and off) persisted in much discomfort while hunting, climbing, golfing, and anything else that involved movement of my lower extremities!

The wear and tear of working on our new cabin brought things to a screeching halt.  It got to the point where I couldn’t walk 100 yards without having to stop and catch my breath, due to the pain in my groin!

My family Doctor diagnosed it as bursitis and recommended a steroid shot and therapy. After two shots in the hip and 8 weeks of therapy I was getting worse.  My Doctor basically said “suck it up” and do more therapy?  That’s when my wife made a very wise phone call to the Wildwood Orthopaedic Hospital in Sylvania Ohio.  I was assigned to Doctor Ervin and his immediate evaluation was I needed hip replacement surgery due to arthritis and bone to bone contact with my left ball and socket. Two more visits with Dr. Ervin and I was put on the surgery list (Feb. 3rd.)

The surgery lasted two hours as a 7-8 inch incision was made to remove the old and “install” the new!  I must say the Doctor and staff at the hospital were top notch and even the hospital food was very good.  Of course a shot of morphine will do wonders in turning a very painful situation into “I’m superman can I go home now?”  In retrospect I should of stayed a day or two longer, but the insurance companies want you out of there asap!  I have had three sessions of therapy since coming home, and need a walker to move around, but all in all I can see improvements in my mobility.

My goal is to be playing golf by the first of April, and blasting a “long beard” in mid April.  Doctor Ervin said that was in the realm of possibility, but he couldn’t guarantee it would fix my “slice!” I highly recommend this group for any joint replacement needs.  Don’t wait to long, as the sooner you act the sooner the healing can begin.  “FOUR!”


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    Sounds like your recovery is going well for you, wishing you a continued speedy recovery.