Golfers Don’t Tempt Fate – Stay Away From Alligators

Just a little warning to all my golfing friends about those alligators they run into on the golf courses while taking a reprieve from Northern Winters.  Even though it is quite rare for golfers to be attacked by “gators’ on the golf course it does happen. You might want to get a close up snapshot of a “course” gator, but in reality you might end up as dinner for this Apex predator. They are not afraid of you, and a golf club probably wouldn’t do you any good if you have 2000 pounds of jaw pressure pulling you into deep water.  Read the below report coming out of Mexico.  One minute the young man is fishing the next he is gone! I’m thinking that’s not a good way to leave this earth!  So fellas if you encounter a “gator” keep IMG_8015your distance.  Don’t tempt this prehistoric giant to put you on his menu.  And I do know the difference between a crocodile and an alligator, but they both are “killing machines!”

Mexican authorities are looking for a 10-foot crocodile that reportedly ate a young man who was fishing in southern Mexico.

The attack was reported by three of the victim’s friends who were there and watched the whole thing unfold. They were able to escape unharmed.

The gruesome incident occurred Sunday in La Encrucijada reserve in southern Chiapas, a protected area they had entered without authorization.

“Most of these events are caused due to unawareness of people coming to unauthorized fishing grounds,” an official with the Commission on Natural Protected Areas told El Universal.

According to the Environment and Natural Resources Office (Semarnat), they have experts combing the marshy area and have put up warning signs.

The goal is to capture all 10-foot crocodiles and pump out their stomachs to find the victim’s remains, officials said.

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