Native American Heritage

tomahawkIMG_3621IMG_3609IMG_3611IMG_3624In the winter time, when it’s cold and snow is on the ground, I like to work on Native American reproductions.  My mother is from the far north country of Canada.  Her father was Irish, but her mother was one half Native American.  My mothers grandmother was a beautiful Cree Indian from Saskatchewan Canada who married my great grandfather John West!  Not much is known about her and what we do know is by oral tradition and stories from older relatives.  The Canadian Government didn’t keep good records of Indigenous people, and the little office that kept the records concerning my great grandma was burnt down by a disgruntled halfbreed!  That would be my great Uncle “Billy” who was ashamed of his heritage.

Anyway for the last several years I have been making Native items such as smudge fans, necklaces, ceremonial arrows, dance sticks, walking sticks, lances, quivers, and a few other items.  I use mostly supplies that nature provides such as deer hide, animal pelts, sinew, stones, animal skulls, horns, bones, feathers etc.  I combine that with bead work and and other Native American crafts to reproduce ceremonial items from past days!

I also go to local schools during the Fall, and especially over Thanksgiving and give demonstrations of the Native American way of life.  I go by Ten (10) Bears and bring all my hides and reproductions with me, along with some artifacts I have collected over the years. I will post several photo’s of some of the things I make.


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