Pheasants Forever – Not In Michigan

PhotobucketYou might have to use a magnifying glass to see the beautiful rooster pheasant in this picture.  Just about every evening  he feeds along a patch of weeds across the street from my daughters house.  You would think I could get a better picture than this, but he’s a little camera shy.  Every time I try to get close, off  into the weeds he goes.

I have not pheasant hunted in many years.  For one thing it is almost a rarity to see one anymore, and if your serious about it, you need a good bird dog.  We had the best when I was growing up.  She was a spaniel/setter mix, and that dog was born to hunt.  When you get one as good as old “Flopsy” you get spoiled on ever having another dog.  That is, at least another dog that measures up!  We have a pheasant preserve in Monroe, but I just can’t get into pen raised birds.  There was a day (before farmers started strip farming) that you could take a drive and see plenty of birds.  I once stopped my car and watched nine roosters fighting with one another.  They put on quite a show, and didn’t seem to mind me watching.  Sure not like that anymore!  I’m content just to see one, and try to get a snapshot if I can.

I have great memories of hunting with my dad and brothers back in the late 50’s and 60’s.  My brothers and I would always have a contest to see who would put the most birds in the freezer.  One local sport shop would always have a prize for the longest tail feather turned in during hunting season.  I even won it one year and still have that mounted bird on my wall.  Never did shoot a bigger one than that.

So far it’s been a mild winter and the critters should of made it through okay.  Spring is just a week away, but the weather looks like one more good snowstorm coming at us.  Would sure like to see the pheasants come back like the good old days, but I’m afraid that just can’t happen.  I guess if I really want to roast a couple birds in the oven I’m going to have to swallow my pride and visit the local pheasant farm!  Who knows I might not be able to hit one anyway?

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