Smith and Wesson AR-15 22 LR Sight In

IMG_7963IMG_8010This past Christmas I was gifted with a Smith and Wesson AR-15 22 LR from my daughters fiance.  I am just now getting around to sighting it in.  Actually I had to shoot from my living room couch out our back door at a target set up at 50 yards.  I had a good rest and was able to make sure things were very steady for each shot!  At least as steady as a 70 year old mending from hip replacement surgery can be?

I also was gifted with a Barska 1-4 x 28 scope which I set on 1 (one.)  The M&P15-22 feels good in the hand and the adjustable stock seemed to belong nestled in my shoulder like hugging your favorite puppy!

The first volley of 8 shots were a little high and to the left.  An adjustment both left right and down on the scope brought me closer to center, but still not what I was satisfied with.  A few more adjustments got me the third 3rd. set, which I was more comfortable with.  I still may try and tweak it a little more, but for now I think the squirrels are in trouble.

I also own a Colt AR-15 chambered in the .223/556 NATO round and a Carbon 15 Bushmaster in the 223 round.  Both are deadly accurate!  I’m in the process of setting up a firing range on my property up north and can’t wait to do some serious shooting.


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