Spring Turkey Gear

This article is written by guest writer Jeff Byrnes.  Jeff is Editor In Chief of “Best Crossbow Source.  He can be reached at “Jeff@bestcrossbowsource.com.”

Gear Up Right To Gobble That Tom During Spring Turkey Season
Spring turkey season is right around the corner, so it’s time to start gearing up. Remember, there’s a reason your turkey vest has so many pockets. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Even so, you can only carry so much. How do you figure out what to take and what to leave behind? Other than the obvious, your shotgun, bow, or crossbow, you need to have the right kit. Let’s make sure you gear up right with the top choices for spring turkey hunting.
Your Turkey Decoy Is Your Best Friend
Turkeys have amazing eyesight, and they’re pretty skittish and hard to lure in. That’s why you sometimes need a good, realistic decoy to draw ’em in. I’m a fan of inflatable decoys, especially the ones Avian-X makes. This year, I’m using the Avian-X Jake Quarter Strut decoy, which looks exactly like the real thing. It’s also super easy and quick to set up, but you do need to check it before your hunt to make sure it’s going to hold air. That’s the only drawback to inflatables.
Your Clothing and Turkey Vest
Spring turkey season comes at a weird time of year, where the temperatures can go from freezing to boiling in a single day. You want clothing that will keep you warm, but not get you overheated. Make sure you go with breathable materials for your pants and shirt, in your favorite camouflage, of course. A mesh headnet is essential, since it keeps you hidden but doesn’t overheat you. If you need a new turkey vest, Hunters Specialties Strut Turkey Vest is the best one this year. It’s made from 300-denier polyester shell fabric, with adjustable shoulder straps along with a sternum/waist strap. It has two flap pockets, a box call pocket, a diaphragm pocket, and a large rear pocket for decoys or harvested turkeys. There’s also a deployable safety flag and an attached Big Cheeks foam seat.
A Bag To Carry Your Gear
When your trusted turkey vest runs out of pockets, you start looking for more ways to carry gear. Hunters Specialties just came out with their Undertaker Turkey Chest Pack, and it’s definitely a great way to carry shotshells, your turkey calls, and other essentials. Decked out in Realtree camo, it has an adjustable four-point harness for comfort, and the closures are all magnetic. There’s a drop-down chest case for convenience, and a shell belt that holds up to seven shotshells. The pack even has external striker holsters.
Turkey Calls To Get Their Attention
It’s no secret that I like turkey calls, and I keep ’em for as long as they last. I’ve had a couple for more than 25 years. Still, every year I find a new one (or ten). This year, I’m gonna be drawing them in with my old standbys as well as a new Knight & Hale Scarlet Fever pot call. I’ve also picked up a Knight & Hale Long Spur glass pot call that sounds pretty good. Of course, I’ll keep using my Ben Lee twin hen box call, as well as my Primos “gobble box.”
A Blind To Hide In
You want to keep yourself from being seen, and movement can kill that. You’ve got a couple of options here. Either crawl into a pop-up blind or figure out how to be motionless for hours. That second option’s tough to pull off, but the Tenzing TZ TP14 Turkey Pack with Seat makes it a bit easier. It has 28 specialized pockets for carrying your gear, but the best part is that it has two silent, spring-loaded legs and a padded seat. The pack quickly and quietly transforms into a self-supported hunting chair, so you can sit motionless for hours but still be comfortable.
Your Smartphone, Of Course
Last, but certainly not least, make sure your smartphone is at the ready. Keep it fully charged in case of an emergency, and load it up with apps that will help you in the bush. There are plenty of options out there, but the best all-in-one app I’ve come across is GEO-PAK Hunt. It’s available for iPhone and Android, and does just about everything you could ask for in a smartphone app.
Gear Up Right and Get Hunting
There’s more gear you’ll need, of course, but you already know that. These are my top discoveries for 2017, and I’m anxious to get to using them. Come on, turkey season, get here already!

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