Winter: Please Let Me Outta Here!

Photobucket“Let me out of  here!”   I feel like  I’ve been cooped up far too long, and yes I do need to get out of here.   Winter has seemed to drag on forever, and we just received more snow in the last couple days.  I love snow, and I want it in the winter, but by golly I don’t like it in the Spring.  Around here it can start snowing as early as September, and as you see, can keep snowing through April.  Seven to eight months of snow is enough for even an Eskimo.  I have one more month before my turkey hunt, and I am counting the days.

In other news a friend of mine (Ed Kane) recently caught a 24 inch rainbow trout in Monroe’s own River Raisin  The DNR had two river dams demolished and a fish ladder put in another.  Not only was the rainbow a big surprise but walleye have been finding their way up stream and fishermen are hoping Lake Erie salmon find the mouth of the river to their liking.  What a boon for tourism that would be. Spawning river walleye’s would put Monroe on the “hot spot” fishing radar for sure.  I get a chance for a few walleye’s each year, but without a Lake Erie equipped boat, you don’t put many in the freezer so a river run would sure be nice!  Think spring! Think spring!

I have seen some turkey activity around Monroe, but the snow is still quite deep up around the cabin where my permit is for. This goofy up and down weather isn’t helping those Tom’s separate from one another yet, and who knows what April will hold?  It could be in the 70’s or we could have a late season blizzard!

Well I have to go see if I can find my snow shovel.  Something is just down right wrong with shoveling snow in the middle of May.  Course it could be worse!  I could be stacking sand bags along a river bank or looking at a demolished house due to a winter tornado.  Ah I guess I haven’t got it that bad after all!



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