Yellowstone Brook Trout!

IMG_7980Yesterday I picked up my Wyoming brook trout that I caught while on vacation in Yellowstone Park.  The taxidermist did an awesome job and it now hangs in my “man cave” with my “brookie” I caught while bear hunting in the Upper Peninsula.

We have hunted and fished Marquette Michigan since 1976!  Over those 40 years I have caught thousands of brook trout from a small creek that flows by our (Baldwins) bear camp.  Most we release, but we do keep enough for a brook trout dinner or two.  Out of all the trout my brothers, sons, and friends have caught only three were bigger than the smaller one in the picture.  It is 13 inches long and the biggest U.P. one I have ever caught!  I guess that is why it’s mounted.

The bigger brookie was caught while out west in Yellowstone Park.  I have fished Colorado several times and caught cutthroat, browns, rainbow, and brookies, but never tied into the likes of these Yellowstone fighters.  While we caught many native cutthroat (catch and release) and a few 8-10 in brookies, it wasn’t till we hiked into a backcountry lake that we hit on some really nice brook trout.  My son-in-law and I landed eight and lost 5-6, but what an experience we had surrounded by the most beautiful mountain meadow one could imagine! The bigger trout in the picture was 18 inches, and he battled much larger on my 6 pound test and light spinning reel!


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