Another Successful Turkey Hunt (Michigan 2017)

turkey 1turkey 5Been out of town for the 2017 Spring turkey hunt, and once again I have put a bird in the freezer.  Things did not start out that well as I arrived at my place early Sunday morning and was checking my equipment out.  I set up a target to check out my crossbow to make sure I was still “zeroed” in!  I went to cock my crossbow with the rope cocking device and put my left foot through the stirrup.  It’s my left hip that was recently replaced and when I pulled back to cock the bow my weak left hip buckled and I went flying backwards one way and the crossbow went the other. I fell on my good hip, but the impact with the wooded floor rattled my whole body.  I am still sore today and have regressed in my recovery which is so very frustrating!

I did some scouting and found a fire trail about 1-1/2 miles from my place that had turkey tracks galore.  I set up a blind Sunday evening and road my 4-wheeler ther early Monday morning.  I don’t know what was going on, but I never had a response or heard anything more than a chickadee!  I stayed out till 10:00 a.m. and headed back to the cabin for coffee and breakfast. My pal Ed and I along with his wife Linda worked on putting up a tongue and groove ceiling on my new cabin for the rest of the day.

Tuesday morning I hunted my blind at the back of my property and called in a group of Jakes that hesitated and turned tail when they sae my “Pretty Boy” decoy!  Guess they were afraid of getting their butts whooped!  Went back to the cabin for lunch and was sitting in my living room talking with Ed and Linda when a hen turkey came strolling through my yard.  As we watched out the window a Tom appeared in hot pursuit!  I had Ed quickly cock my crossbow for me, and I scooted out my side door. They were already working their way into the woods and I went into stealth mode.  I put one pine tree after another between me and the Tom until I was at a comfortable 20 yards away.  The Tom was concentrating on his girlfriend, but when I stepped out from behind the tree he looked at me as if to say “She’s mine buddy!”  I quickly settled the 20 yard pin on the middle of the bird and squeezed the trigger. The bolt hit a small sapling which deflected the arrow low, but it still looked like a good hit!

I’m going to end this story right here as there is a whole nother story to tell after squeezing off that shot. I did get the bird, and will post a couple pictures, but it was not as easy as it may of sounded!  To be continued!


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