Crossbow Dangers

001IMG_8390 (1)So here is the rest of the story from my last blog.  three years ago while bear hunting in Marquette Michigan I had the opportunity for a nice 275-300 pound black bear.  It was my first hunt using a crossbow.  Previously I have taken 5 bear with archery and two with a rifle.  On this hunt I was sitting in a two person ladder stand with a shooting rail.  My friend Bob Baltrip was beside me also in a two person ladder stand.  The shot was so downhill I had to lift the crossbow over the shooting rail which created awkward position fro my right hand on the forearm of the bow.  To make a long story short my thumb was sticking up in line with the string and when I squeezed the trigger I almost took my thumb off.  We retrieved the heart shot bear, hung him up and ruched to the hospital where the emergency room doctor sewed me back together.  three years later I still do not have full use of that thumb!

This brings me to my turkey hunt from last week.  As I snuck from tree to tree trying to get in position for a shot it never crossed my mind to make sure my thumb stayed in a safe position!  Thar’s right you guessed it.  As I came out from behind my last tree I steadied my shot by resting mu forearm on the tree which caused me to raise my thumb in the line of fire.  Again I squeezed the trigger and “wack”  I nailed the same thumb again.  This time it almost tore my nail off (I will loose the nail) and bruised and cut me in two places.  Six days later it is still bleeding from behind the nail, which is actually a good thing as it’s relieving pressure from behind the nail.

You would not think I could ever do that twice, but trust me in the testosterone moment of truth one does not always go through a safety checklist in his head!  Both bows used (a Barnett and an Excaliber do not have finger/thumb guards.  When I got home I purchased a Bear crossbow with guards in place!  If my thumb could talk I’m sure it would be asking for a divorce due to thumb abuse.  It’s battered and bruised, but still with me, and I promised to the best of my abilities to keep it attached.

Let this send a strong warning to those of you who shoot crossbows with no guards.  when shooting thumbs up is a no-no!


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