Fishing Michigan Equals Great Big Smiles!

DSCN4780golf and Mindy's place 034cabin july 4th. 2015 060Cabin July 4th 2013 017memorial day cabin 035Michigan is known for it’s vast herd of Whitetails, but the many lakes and streams make our state an anglers “heaven!”  Michiganders have more water access than any other of the lower 48 states.  The Great Lakes have some of the most fantastic fisheries of any fresh water lakes in the world.

I personally have enjoyed fishing for perch, walleye, northern pike, large mouth and small mouth bass, steelhead, brookies, catfish, bullhead, and panfish.  On occasion I have even tangled with the  enormous carp that hide in the Lake Erie marshes.

Well in case you forgot it’s time to renew your fishing licenses here in Michigan.  There is nothing like fighting a bass, or seeing the joy on a kids face as they land their first sunfish.  In fact if you find the right secret pond you can have an absolute blast with some big pumpkin seed or red eye sunfish.  Talk about good eating!  While perch are my favorite, sunfish/bluegill, and brook trout rank right behind them. Two years ago I had a goal of helping every one of my grandkids catch a largemouth from the pond my daughter lives on.  Eleven of them did just that!  Grandpa had a blast as he witnessed the reactions of each grandkid “wrestle” in a “lunker” largemouth and then release it back into the crystal blue spring feed pond!

My nephew caught the nice smallie in the picture, and it won’t be long before he and his cousins will be at it again.  Three of my brother Darryl’s grandkids have turkey permits for the Gaylord area, and there’s a lake nearby full of smallmouth bass.  Ah! A day on the clear blue water, of a hidden little jewel, nestled among the pines of Northern Michigan can’t be beat!  A word of caution to all who may soon hit the waters-check your fishing line.  Fishing string will rot and get brittle, so you need to make sure yours will function as intended.  Also lubricate your reel, and do some precautionary maintenance on all the other equipment, before you hook the fish of a lifetime, and he gets off!

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