Michigan Bowhunter Banquet 2017

IMG_4265.JPGIMG_4150.JPGimg_3899The Michigan Bowhunters Association just held their annual banquet today April 8th. 2017.  Once again my little brother received one of the most coveted awards given out by the association.  The Michigan “Grand Slam” award goes to the member who has taken a deer, bear, and 30 point small game animal.  Small game meaning a turkey, bobcat, goose, or coyote with a bow and arrow.  Darryl Ansel is the most consummate hunter I know, spending more hours afield than any married man in Michigan!  His wife (Cathy) is a true Saint, as she lives the life of a widow from mid Sept. to January 1st.  Darryl has more “hot spots’ and places to hunt than their are counties in Michigan!  I guess it helps when your a police officer knocking on a landowners door and asking for permission to hunt?  Some guys have all the right words and know how to open doors, so to speak.

Of course I say some of that in jest, but he truly is one dedicated outdoorsman who knows the ins and outs of consistently putting game in the freezer.  I am the one who got him involved in the sport of bowhunting, and he was the first one I signed up to join Michigan Bowhunters.  He took to the sport like no other, and within a couple years was showing me up with his prowess in the field.  He has more awards from Michigan Bowhunters than I can come close to remembering including the Master Bowhunter award which only a limited number of members ever achieve!  I personally have come close to winning the “Grand Slam” award, but have never fulfilled all the requirements. Little brother has done it 4IMG_5122 times which may be a Bowhunter record!

For this years award Darryl downed a nice southern Michigan 8 pointer a day before gun season opened, and also took a goose around the same time. He drew a hard to get first bear hunt along with his son and grandson for the Marquette area.  He and his grandson both took a beautiful bear off the same bait pile on the same evening!  Yes Darryl may be 66 years old, but that has not slowed him down when in comes to the adrenaline rush of having a well laid out plan come together. He’ll be after a Tom turkey in just a few weeks, and you can bet his family will have a “wild ” turkey for Thanksgiving!  Congratulations Darryl!  You are the “real deal” when it comes to bowhunting the great state of Michigan!


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