Michigan Turkey Season About to Start!

IMG_4082Michigan’s 2017 spring turkey season is about to take off this coming Monday.  You would think at 70 years old I could come and go as I please!  I guess that’s wishful thinking.  I had plans of being at the cabin right now scouting, putting up ground blinds, and getting all my equipment in order.  Just so happens half my family has decided to go to Florida over Easter break and several need to be dropped off at the airport this Thursday and Sunday.  Well the only one left in “Dodge” is yours truly! Why would my family schedule a Florida vacation the week of my turkey hunt?  Me thinks me smells a “rat” in all of this?

Anyway it sure doesn’t leave any time for me to do any of the above plans.  Not only that the 10 day weather forecast is calling for cold and rainy conditions the whole week!  That is going to work against me also!  Those big lovesick tom’s really like strutting around in the sunshine, and I would much rather plant my butt under a pine tree with the sun rising in my face than a cold wet wind making me miserable!

Ah well as a friend of mine always says “Hey it is what it is!”  Did Popeye say that?   In reality as an outdoorsman it really doesn’t matter!  It is what you make of it, and I intend to enjoy myself and take in all the “tukey woods” has to offer.  I can just about bet that I will put another great memory stashed in the movie theatre of my mind, to enjoy any time I choose to “play” it!


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