Python Swallows Crocodile Whole!

IMG_8134Have you seen the latest news about a Python swallowing a whole crocodile? Just recently a Python killed and swallowed a human in south America.  They have been known to take down deer, wild, boar, and even porcupines, but human, alligators, and crocodiles have not been know to be on their diet!

This latest incident took place in Africa with the python measuring 22 foot long.  Now that is several hundred pounds of bone crushing snake, who had the confidence to attack an 8 foot crocodile. First the snake coiled around it’s body and then put the squeeze on it!  Actually death comes by suffocation and not having all it’s bones broken.

Next the snake starts to swallow the crocodile head first, as it unhinges it’s lower jaw slowing dragging it’s prey into it’s stomach.  The pythons teeth angle inward and help move along the dinner into the middle of the snakes body.  The snakes skin has the capacity to greatly expand, allowing for larger prey to be digested over a period of time.  For an animal this size it could take 6 months to a year to digest!  In that time frame the snake would not need to eat again.

Eventually it is possible that a human will be on the dinner list of python’s who are roaming Florida from coast to coast. Florida has the type of weather and terrain that snakes thrive in.  There is an all out effort to eradicate these invaders, but they seem to multiply faster than they can be found and killed!


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