Jay-Bird Gets His Bird!

Took my grandson Jacob Russo up to the cabin to try and get him a turkey.  He’s 12 years old and shot one a few years back with his dad, but I have never taken hi.  Two of my other grandkids have shot turkeys at my cabin (Kyle Pafford and Ava Taylor) so this was going to be Jacobs big hunt.  We only had two days to pull this off so we didn’t waste time getting in the blind thursday morning.  Heard several gobbles from the roost, but no takers coming into the decoys.  Jacob got cold early so we headed back to the cabin at 7:30!  Bad idea as we flushed 5 tom’s still on the roost 200 feet from my front cabin door! Saw nothing that evening.

Next morning we got out even earlier 5:20 a.m. and again had gobbling from the roost.  We had a huge Jake come in with a 4-5 inch beard, but his tail fan was messed up big time so we let him walk! That was around 6:30 and it got quiet from then on.  I new that some Tom’s don’t gobble very often and sneak in on you silent.  I told Jacob to be patient and we may have some action if we stay put!  Around 8:30 Jacob was ready to “hang” it up, but I convinced him to stay a few more minutes.  Just like Papa said two Tom’s came sneaking by without a peep!  They seemed to like my decoy set up, and at 15 yeards I told Jacob to take the second bird, as it looked a little bigger than the led bird!

“Pow” the little 20 gauge exploded and turkey feathers flew!  Jacob is now the third grandkid to bag a turkey at Papa place.  He was grinning from ear to ear!  That made it all worth it to me. We took many pictures and Papa then showed Jacob how to clean a turkey and get it ready for the freezer.  It may have been a fast two day trip, but things went our way and we now have some memories that will last a lifetime.  Way to go Jay-Bird!


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