Michigan Turkey Season Highlights

Michigan Turkey season is winding down, but my brother Darryl and his crew of turkey hunters is “way” over the state average concerning “bagging” a bird!  It was only my grandson Jacob and I this year, but we both shot birds so as a group we did just grand.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that my brother Darryl and I have been doing this for as long as it’s been legal! Darryl is one of the best diaphram callers around, and he knows the quarry that he hunts and many times beats them at their own game.  Not many callers can call a big “lovesick” Tom away from his harem, but “Dink” (as we call him) has done it several times this year!

I on the other hand I am pretty apt on the box or slate call!  The diaphragm call made me gag so I never really got into it!  You also have to always have a back-up plan when hunting turkeys, and especially late season wary birds.  Strategy plays a huge roll in putting a bird in the freezer or buying one at Kroger’s! There have been times that I never touched my call (like this year) and I’ve still been successful!  Ambush and spot and stalk have downed me as many birds as using a decoy set up and calling.

I know season isn’t over yet, but Darryl is still hoping to get his son-in-law Scott Smiley a bird!  I will post pictures of this years successes, and hope that this fall we can be so blessed with a heavy hanging buck pole! The photo’s are Tanner McElvany with his first bow kill, Jacob Ansel with his first bird, Darryl with his umptenth bow killed Tom, Brad Ansel with his second nice Tom, Brett Ansel with his monster Tom, Caleb Smiley with his very hard earned “Bad Boy”, Derek Ansel with his massive heavy “roped” bow shot bird, Mike Ansel with his crossbow creme tipped (fan) bird, and jacob Russo with his second bird!  congratulations guys!  We love turkey hunting

By the way Caleb Smiley got his bird this past week and grandpa Darryl had to pull out all the stops to lure this big seasoned Tom away from his hens!  Not many turkey hunters (callers) could pull this off, but then Darryl isn’t your common turkey hunter!  He’s one of the best!


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