Michigan Turkey Season Success!

It just keeps getting better and better here in the Michigan turkey woods.  So many of my friends including Bob Edwards, and Randy Smith, have downed long beards it makes you wonder could there be any left.  Bob just reported that he was at Knudson’s today, and five hunters walked in with a “longbeard” each!  Thats pretty remarkable considering the wild Eastern Turkey had to be restocked by a group of birds from Pennsylvania over 40 years ago!  Turkey success in the Ansel family is almost a given over the last 25 or so years, and many of the birds harvested have been downed by bow and arrow.  Not an easy feat in itself!

Part of that success is due to the excellent turkey calling of my brother Darryl and his son Derek. Before Darryl downed his big bird last week he helped two of his grandkids connect (Jacob shotgun and Tanner bow) and he also helped his brother Brad down a long beard!  Today was Derek’s day as he worked a huge Tom for 7 hours.  The Tom was already “henned up”, but Derek never gave up.  Darryl chipped in with a few calls of his own, but master caller Derek eventually called the finicky Tom with a slate box call and some excellent mouth calling!  Derek took his prise at 15 yards! Now that is dedication along with Turkey University knowledge! The huge bird had a “paintbrush” of a beard that measured 10-1/2 inches. The bird did not move from the point of impact!  Dropped dead in his tracks!  Darryl said it was one of the most exciting turkey calling sequences he has ever been involved with, and was in awe of his son’s calling!

So far that’s 8 birds harvested in the Ansel family and I suspect a few more will bight the dust before season ends!






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