More 2017 Ansel Turkey Success

My brother Bradley got his nice Tom last week over in Jackson.  His bird had a 10-1/2 inch beard and he said he’s looking for a taxidermist to do a full strut mount. He better be ready to remortgage his house cause it isn’t cheap (around $800.00 dollars.)  My brother Darryl and son Derek have been trying to get Derek’s boys Jackson, and Jacob a bird, and several days ago Jacob scored on his first bird.  Jackson had three sneak in (silent) but could not pull off a shot.  Now grandpa Darryl’s permit started today, and it didn’t take him long to put down a super big Tom, and with his bow no less!  He called in two big Tom’s early this morning that fell for his set-up, and was able to let an arrow fly true to it’s mark!  Darryl’s bird had a thick eleven (11) inch beard and weighed 24 pounds.

I’m taking my grandson (Jacob) up north for a shot at a bird this coming Thursday.  We have many more permits to fill, but I’m confident more birds will be in the freezer before the season is over. Pictured is Jacob, Brad, and Darryl!


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