The Final Post Is Written!

One thousand three hundred and thirty five (1335) post over the last ten years, and this my friends will be my last.  That is a lot of writing to do, idea’s to explore, and deadlines to meet!  I’ve gotten to the point (age wise) where I definitely need to slow down and smell the deer droppings!  Not really, but you get my point.  It seems the older I’ve gotten the busier I’ve become! With six children and 12 grandchildren waiting for “Papa’s” attention I need to heed their voices.

It’s been fun to write these last 10 years for the Monroe Evening News, but it’s time (maybe past time) to move on. As many of my readers know my blog (Hunting With Mike) has been mainly filled with pages about my families hunting exploits, as well as current day topic’s! I always enjoyed writing about a friend or acquaintances hunting stories, but in truth my brothers and grandkids keep me in good supply of blogging material.  It will be bittersweet as I step aside and no longer claim the domain of hunting blogger extraordinaire, but I’m sure we will all live to fight another day.

I’m thankful for those regular readers who would always encourage me to “keep up the good work!”  It was nice to get feedback on articles and have a few advertisers get interested in me running an add or two for them. So with that I bid the blogging world goodbye and hope to see some of you in the field this coming Fall!  I plan on posting some of my favorite photo’s next week, and that will be without comment-just photo’s.

The photo I’m posting with this blog is of my dad (Papa Bear) and his six son’s.  From top down – Dean, Brad, Brett, Darryl, Mike, and Randy. We were six blessed boy’s to have the dad we did!



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  1. Buster says:


    I will miss your view of the outdoors as well as your adventures that you shared with all of us. Take the time to smell whatever you decide to put your nose to! Good luck, good health and best wishes.