Women Looses Hands And Feet Days After Delivering Her Firstborn!

I have been very busy for several weeks trying to orchestrate a dinner/auction for a brand new mother who had her feet and hands amputated just a few days after delivering her first baby!  She had planned a “water birth” at the largest and most famous hospital in Michigan.  Her son was born fine, but several days later she came down with “Sepsis”and was within hours of loosing her life!  Mary was an athlete and running was her outlet and passion!  She was a lovely, athletic, young vibrant, women who had just purchased her first home along with her husband.
Sepsis is a rapidly moving infection that attacks circulation damaging organs, muscle, tissue and everything in it’s path.  It is extremely hard to treat and eradicate!  Mary’s feet were amputated part way up the calf and her hands were taken (days later) part way up her forearms.  Not only that she had skin and muscle removed from her thighs and lower extremities!  Skin grafts were taken from her back and buttocks!  Her long beautiful hair was gone due to treatments!  This 29 year old first time mother has been through a nightmare of unimaginable proportions! Seldom have I seen or been aware of any veteran of Iraq or Afghanistan sustaining more horrific injuries, and many have been beyond comprehension!

Well this past Saturday we held our dinner auction in support of this remarkable women with the constant positive attitude and smile on her face!  It did not go as smoothly as planned!  Mary was being driven to Monroe by her husband and her Mom and brothers in a another car.  Mary’s car broke down about 15 miles short of their destination and a friend and I had to go retrieve her. We had to lift her in and out of the vehicle into her wheel chair once we arrived at church.  Her 8 month old son with her, and was as good as gold! We wheeled her into the auditorium to the applause of the 200 people gathered there to honor her.

It was a good evening for her and us as we got to know more about Mary and the challenges that lie ahead of her.  She has a supportive family, as well as a church family, and an overcoming spirit about her. My hope is that others will pass her story on and that by doing she will find avenues of help concerning making her home handicap accessible, better prosthetics, and the full gamut of medical care available to her!  So those that read this pleas copy and paste and send it along the different social media please.  I purposely did not use Mary’s full name or her families for obvious reasons!  If you want to help give me a shout at mikewansel@yahoo.com!



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