A Bad Day of Fishing is Better Than a Good Day of Honey Do’s!”

Today my brother Darryl and myself were fortunate enough to be asked out on a fishing yacht for a chance to take some Lake Erie walleye.  We arrived at Toledo Beach Marina at 7:15 a.m. with the anticipation of two 13 year olds.  Captain John and First Mate Jason met us at the dock.  Snacks, and drinks, were secured and Captain John went over the do’s and don’ts of running a 50 foot vessel.

We left the channel at 8 a.m. and soon discovered there was much more of a “chop” than expected!  Three to Four footers beckoned us into Erie’s shallow waters, but the twin German build 800 cubic inch diesel engines lifted the bow and crushed those “wimpy” waves!  About 2 miles out we made our first set up with 5 rod’s on either side of the boat doing duty off planner boards. The first two fish were “sheephead”, but the third was a keeper walleye!  Darryl and myself then fought two 8-10 pound sheephead that had the adrenaline pumping until they broke the surface!  After another sheephead and a white bass we decided to go to a little deeper water (from 20 to 25 foot deep.)

We fished for 1 hour with not even a false alarm and the Captain said “Time to move boys!”  We ended up just past Stoney Point, but the Mayfly skeleton’s floating on the surface and the seaweed made for some tangled messes in the lines.  So after 4 hours of fishing we only had one fish and Captain John turned the bow back to port!

There was some chatter on the radio and it seemed that those fishing Ohio waters were doing much better than we were. Darryl and myself did not possess an Ohio license so that left that out.  Ohio waters are deeper and cleaner than Erie’s southern basin so next time we will have an Ohio license.  No matter even a “bad day of fishing is better than a good day of “honey do’s!”

Thanks Captain John and Jason for a wonderful ride and a good time on Lake Erie’s waters.  And thanks for those walleye filets!  They were delicious!


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