Cedar Valley Golf Course and Amusement Park

Again this summer my family took a day trip to the Cedar Valley Golf Course and Amusement Park located in Comins Michigan. I was reluctant to write about it last year after our visit in fear that I would let “the cat out of the bag” and the place would be over-run with vacationers and locals having the time of their lives!  For reasons unknown to me that has not happened, even though the amusement park is better than ever!

We had three of our daughters and one son and their eight children in tow and were later joined by a fourth daughter and her girl!  We actually visited the place twice so my late arriving daughter could enjoy the park.  The rest of the grandkids were all to eager to go back for “seconds” on the rides and the great putt-putt golf course in the midst of all the antique rides.

Mike and Rebecca Harrington manage Cedar Valley for the owners John and Carole Kulhavi!  The setting in the middle of pines, maples, oaks, and aspens is almost unbelievable!  You have to ask yourself the question “How did this vintage ride amusement park, putt-putt course, batting cages, midway games and snack shop slip under the radar of Northern Michigan visitors?”  Good question?  The park is still a work in progress with a roller coaster, huge slide, and tilt-a whirl on the agenda for possible late Fall!  John and Carole have a vision and Mike and Rebecca are doing all they can to make that dream become a reality.  It is the only amusement park in the United states with all vintage antique rides.  The Merry Go round was built in 1951 and my 3 year old grandson loved it!

when we arrived the first thing we did was over-run the putt putt golf course!  What a fun and unique course it is with many detailed wood statues and carvings throughout!  Rides were next as the kids enjoyed the spinning, twirling, and going up and down not to mention the bumper cars!  Talk about a “blast from the past!”  There is even a little train ride that they all climbed on with 3 year old Jeremiah sitting in the engine seat!  Next was the batter cages (fast pitch and slow pitch) which future professional Kyle Pafford smacking the ball to all fields!  One of the booths is set up with b-b type guns where you try and shoot the center out of a paper card in order to win a stuffed animal. We bought some drinks and popcorn took lots of pictures and came close to shutting down the place at quitting time.  The staff are all kid oriented and Skyler was great with all our grandkids.

The rides are open Friday from noon till 10 p.m.- Sat. 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. and Sunday 12 noon till 7 p.m.  The prices for everything are very reasonable and the experience is priceless.  If you go get the word out about this hidden “jewel” of the North country.  It’s located about 5 miles north of Fairview and within easy reach of Mio and lewiston and the surrounding area.  You owe it to yourself and family to build some great memories there and if your a golfer the Cedar Valley Course will beckon you back time and time again.

The last photo in the group is Mike and Rebecca Harrington and their very helpful daughter!



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