Michigan AuSable Valley Railroad

This past week the Ansel crew were recreating around the Luzerne, Mio, Fairview area, and one of our favorite things to do is take the family on the AuSable Valley Railroad ride!  What a fun and unique experience is waiting for all that venture into this hidden jewel of the North woods!  The miniature railroad line is located about 4-5 miles East of the blinking light in Fairview. You would hardly think that such a wonderful and meticulous setting could be hidden amongst the maples, oaks, and pines of the AuSable Valley.  It took 5 loving years to construct, and includes a tunnel (kids get a kick out of the dark ride) and a 25 foot high trestle, and many hidden animals along the way.  There are also animated talking characters and a beautifully restored Ford truck stopped at one of the crossings with a waving driver.

At the depot there is popcorn and an old fashioned ice chest with cold drinks.  There is also a quaint little gift shop full of railroad/train t-shirts, hats, toys, and various other gifts. You purchase your tickets at the depot and get them collected by the Conductor once on the train.  On most occasions the twin engine (to exact scale) electric train will pull the passengers around the winding wooded and scenic trail, but on special occasions a steam locomotive may be used!

The train Engineer and the Conductor are husband and wife, and they own this little “happy spot!” They take great pride and delight in making sure you have a memorable ride on their railroad line.  If your ever in the Mio/Fairview area you owe it to yourself, kids, and grandkids to take a ride on the Michigan AuSable Valley Railroad.  The memories will always bring a smile to your face I guarantee!

The address is 230 S. Abbe Rd. Fairview Michigan 48621.  Phone numbers are 989-848-2229 and 989-848-2225 and the internet connection is www.michiganausablerailroad.com


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  1. This is a good activity for the family. Nothing beats a good train ride to enjoy the day.