Billy the lumberjack!

I have been building a new cabin on my property in Luzerne and am winding down on the major issues.  It has been a long tedious process!  When your doing most of the work yourself, and you live 240 miles away it can really drain you.

Just this past week I had the propane tank installed, with the regulator so I can run my on-demand hot water heater, and my furnace.  This has worried me a bit as the water heater sat all winter, and I was hoping there were no problems mechanically.  I also needed to make sure the furnace worked along with the blower kit I purchased for it!  Turns out both water heater and furnace performed flawlessly. Strike that off my list!

There was one other major issue that needed my attention as soon as possible.  I have a 100 foot tall Poppel tree that is 2 foot off my front porch.  About half way up the tree takes an abrupt turn toward my cabin!  This year i have had at least 12 similar trees break off during one of the many strong storms we have had move through the area.  If this “baby” goes my cabin would be directly in harms way.

I asked my neighbors if they knew a tree cutter (lumberjack) and they gave me a name of a guy that only lived about 4 miles away.  Billy, or Bill came over the same evening I called, gave me a price, and said he would be over the next evening to “take her down!”  He even showed me where he would “lay” this giant poppel out!

sure enough he showed up next evening with his soon to be son-in-law and his darling grand-daughter.  He explained what he was going to do, doned his equipment and scaled that tree in a few short minutes.  He stopped about 70 feet up and tied off a rope that his helper pulled over to the “drop zone!”  He cranked up his 20 inch HusQvarna and notched the east side of the tree.  He then moved to the south/west side and started to cut.  When the tree started its journey to the ground Bill’s son-in-law pulled that heavy, enormous, sky busting, poppel to the ground exactly where Bill said it would fall.  I was impressed!  It took longer to “slice and dice” it into manageable pieces than it did to bring it down (three minutes!)

I have a few more trees that need to go, and Bill will be the guy I call.  It was nice talking with him and he had a lot in common with my friend Pastor Bob Baltrip.  We even got to enjoy the wonders of a pretty little lady who thought “Papa” was the greatest!  Thanks Bill for such a great job at removing that tree before “Mother Nature” did!


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